Password field is not populated for LUM-enabled users with integrated login.

  • 7004026
  • 30-Jul-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Client 2.0 SP2 for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11


Password field is blank when using LUM enabled users and integrated login.
Integrated login is not working.


Please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.
1. Open a terminal and login is root.

2. Edit the /etc/pam.d/gdm file to look like the following:
#/etc/pam.d/gdm file
#auth      sufficient
auth [success=1 new_authtok_reqd=1 default=ignore]
auth [default=1]
auth [default=done]
account   sufficient
password  sufficient
session   optional
auth     include        common-auth
auth  required
auth  required
account  include        common-account
password include        common-password
session  required
session  include        common-session
session  required
Note: The bolded lines are those that need to be added to the file. Changes can also be made to the other services files such as login, sshd, xdm, gdm, and kdm.
3. Restart the workstation and login.