Fixes included in Novell SecureLogin 6.1 hot fix 14a

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  • 29-Jul-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
NSL6.1 hot fix 14a


Hot fix 14a is the final pre-sp1 hot fix for NSL6.1.  It includes all fixes made to the NSL6.1 code base since the release of NSL6.1 up to SP1.  NSL6.1sp1 is available to licensed NSL6.1 customers through the Novell customer care portal. 

his tid lists the bugs addressed in NSL6.1 hot fix 14a.


Fixes included in NSL6.1.014:

Fixes new to hotfix14 and 14a (this release):
1. Internet Explorer hangs with SecureLogin 6.1 (465295).
2. SecureLogin interferes with CLE Forgotton Password (480159).
3. Read Me changes for manually running batch file hf12fix.bat issue when UAC is enabled on VISTA (486312).

Fixes carried forward from hot fix 13:
1. NSL Launches without password prompt the first time after installation (394294).
2. Unable to change domain password when using nldapaut (396675).
3. Crash of slwinsso.exe (c0000005 access violation) (391981).
4. Chartview 5.0 not recognized fast enough (388364).
5. Memory leak in SLWinSSO (388490).
6. Graphical problem accessing SSO tab in MMC (53779).
7. SLLauncher no longer launches SLBroker with NSL6.1 ( 363835).
8. Using MMC via “RunAs” causes crash ( 53731).
9. SecureLogin prompts for Username after Workstation Only through Novell Client (375885).
10. Single sign on takes 5 to 10 seconds extra when logging into Outlook (53705).
11. API License key option in Imanager is not consistent with Slmanager (298700).
12. Corporate redirected applications not viewable through iManager (208160).
13. Password Protect system tray not unlocking (282317).
14. AlwaysClearUsername registry setting not working (293286).
15. Re-authentication loop if incorrect password is entered when logging into NSL offline mode (298966).
16. NSL queries for Public Key every two seconds (341203).
17. Latency in default Lotus Notes Script with NSL6.1 (347414).
18. Enter key (\N) between fields does not work (351155).
19. Vista UAC says "Unidentified program" when trying to upgrade SecureLogin (355852).
20. TryRegCredOffline does not get created when installed in LDAP Credential Manager mode on workstation with Novell client (356876).
21. Seamless Login Not happening when Workstation Only selected in LDAP Gina (358481, 360468).
22. Vista: After NSL install, Novell Client no longer errors out when network disconnected (359052).
23. Sys variables not updated if user initiated password change occurs (360718).
24. Not able to run MSI 6.1 installer using Modify option to add some un-installed components when a MSP is applied over NSL 6.1 (376681).
25. SLManager user objects are displayed like container object with folder icon and '+' sign (372368).
26. Need to document process for installing msp with ZENworks (375577).
27. Turn off auto-expansion by default (252225).
28. NSL 6.1 - SLManager.exe takes to long to load (346064).
29. Firefox crashes on certain web pages with SSO enabled (353743).
30. iManager settings block admin based user in different context (370340).
31. SecureLogin writes entire cache to the directory instead of just updates (382115).
32. SSO does not happen for IE (387153).
33. SLWTS and SLPROTO causing remote (RDP ICA) sessions to hang in DOWN state (393077).
34. SecureLogin reports Authentication Failed on offline mode even though username, password are correct (394617).
35. LDAPAuth times out on password expiration (397446).
36. Unable to save applications in iManager (401148).
37. Axalto ACS middleware where both Axalto and Novell SecureLogin prompt for the smartcard PIN. Novell SecureLogin now handles cached PINs correctly (54688).
38. Allows friendly selection to occur correctly when a replacement card is issued to the end user (54973).
39. NSL support for Firefox 3 ( 401355).
40. Unable to create a delegated SSO Admin Group in AD for NSL management(405118)
41. Support for running IE as a different user (408383).
42. New: NSL 6. 1 HotFix 4 need to be able to script FireFox basic Authentication ( 408041).
43. iManager will not let you delete/change application credentials with "/" in it (358572 ).
44. SSO iManager plug-in is not displaying values if Login name has "/" character ( 407518).
45. Cache Refresh Issue with Secure Login SSO 6.1 (55554).
46. Mismatched passphrase question when choosing passphrase question or changing passphrase (54984 ).
47. Copying app definitions through the distribution tab in SSO/MMC does not copy the actual script ( 55530).
48. Exporting preferences through the MMC SSO snapin does not save the preferences in the XML ( 55531).
49. SLLauncher.exe and SLWTS.exe are added to the appsetup key every install/upgrade ( 55628).
50. Ability to search via LDAP on SamAccountName ported from 6.0 to 6.1 (410031).
51. SLProto/ Shutdown leave SLWinSSO running if message box is open (414525).
52. Error message randomly received: "A password change has been detected" (421968, 433784).
53. Installation of msi with response file in same directory fails (436389).
54. "java.lang.NullPointerException:null" shows while accessing iManager SSO Plugin screen (443281)
55. Need to document process for installing MSP with ZW Desktop Mgmt 7 (421926).
56. Hot fix installations add back previously deleted SLWTS and SLLauncher (423809).
57. User prompted a second time for LDAP authentication when on French Windows XP (441850).
58. NSL 6.1 - iManager plugin takes a long time to display contents (423394).
59. Cannot authenticate (through eDir using LDAP) when the username contains a dot (439920).
60. Corporate redirect is not working (431282).
61. Can not install the new sso.npm to iManager 2.6 (445582).
62. Secureworkstation service (wsaccsvc.exe) crashes if SW device removal policy is set (340941).
63. "Save File As " dialog is NOT presented when exporting settings (427074).
64. Credentials dissapear and reappear. (433768).
65. Randomly receive error message " A password change has been detected." (421968)
66. "SSO failed to read the Card" error then crash when logging to Windows with temporary card. (57984)
67. When tracing the parser commands, "Increment" command dumps pointer to the variable, not the the variable name. (58013)
68. Lotus Notes prebuilt script to support Notes 8.5 (58230)
69. PCProx is unable to identify next user after failed login (463710)
70. NSL prompts user to enter offline credentials after disconnecting from network (474250)