Defects fixed in the IDM 3.6.1 release

  • 7003981
  • 27-Jul-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1

Additional Information

Defect IDComponentDescription
496235Audit IntegrationNeed to specify , How to configure log4j.appender.A1 for windows in the file
495455Audit IntegrationCore dump in sentinel , if you enabled both eDir and IDM Instrumentation
494592Audit IntegrationIDM 3.6.1 (64 bit): IDM events are not getting logged if "auditds" module is loaded
493118Audit IntegrationEvents are not getting generated after IDM Upgrade from 3.6 to 3.6.1
492877Audit Integrationdirxml.log not getting generated on Solaris.
492785Audit IntegrationUnable to find dirxml.log file in /var/opt/novell/sentinelpa/data
439753Audit IntegrationInformation missing in 000B002B,000B002A and 0003000E events
431448Audit IntegrationThe .lsc file for the Entitlements are missing from media
503338BuildsIDM 361 GMC3 build has old English readme
498367BuildsIncorrect native 64-bit Lotus notes binaries are bundled with IDM3.6.1(20090425 build)
497878BuildsSome of the GroupWise Driver dll's are missed from IDM3.6.1 ISO image.
494662BuildsBuild notification messages not receiving for idm_installer and idm_common_installer project task checkins
490597BuildsUserApplication_3_7_0-IDM3_6_0-V1.xml is missing in IDM 3.6.1 Build 20090326
489662BuildsBuild 20090326 does not contain correct driver configs
486096BuildsRoles Service Driver does not start after installing IDM 3.6.1 Beta
484348BuildsIDM361 install does not lay down NMAS components
475553BuildsFile already exisits message coming , while doing ISO extraction for windows
474206BuildsRename all ".iso" file name to 3.6.1 from 3.6
473203Buildsdxcmd throws a error task is missed out in the build
457601Buildsenhancement - Need IDM Bundle Edition updated to 3.6
503305DocumentationInstall Doc 16.1 Uninstalling on Windows is wrong for 2008
503302DocumentationInstall Doc 13.1.1 Ensuring that Your Designer Project is Current refers to IDM 3.0x
503299DocumentationInstall Doc 12.1 In-place Upgrade incorrectly says that upgrading from 3.0.1 is supported
503290DocumentationInstall Doc 6.6.1 Java Runtime Environment (JRE) conflicts with Designer 301 readme
503266DocumentationCorrect the changelog tool name in the doc
503264DocumentationIDM 3.6.1 Scripting driver doc - changes needed in Appendix B
503262DocumentationIDM 3.6.1 scripting driver doc - Section 7.4 need to be updated
503251DocumentationIDM 3.6.1 scripting driver doc - Add details to the system requirements
503226DocumentationInstall doc 6.2.2 Server Operating Systems wrong on 2003 operating system
503204DocumentationMissing sample XMLs from the Work Order Driver PDF
502382Documentation3.3.1 Identity Manager Objects in eDirectory of install guide is incorrect.
502380DocumentationSection 3.2 Install guide has wording that can be improved.
502171DocumentationMismatch between heading & description of section 2.1.2 of readme
501644DocumentationSap User Doc:Driver configuration file is mentioned as SAPUser-IDM3_6_0-V2.xml instead of SAPUser-IDM3_6_0-V3.xml
501641DocumentationSap User Doc:Footer shows "Identity Manager 3.6 Driver for User Management of SAP Software Implementation Guide" Instead of 3.6.1
501640DocumentationSap HR Doc:Footer shows "Identity Manager 3.6 Driver for SAP HR Implementation Guide" Instead of 3.6.1
501637DocumentationSap HR Doc: Section 3.3.1 mentions to use IDM 3.6.1 configurations instead of 3.6 configurations
501603DocumentationSap Portal Doc: 404 page not found error for "Novell Compliance Management Platform Extension for SAP Web site" link
501600DocumentationSap Portal Doc: 404 page not found error for "Configuring and Managing Provisioning Workflows" link
501595DocumentationSap Portal Doc: Section 3.2.1 mentions to use IDM 3.6.1 configurations instead of 3.6 configurations
500885DocumentationTwo sections in Avaya Driver guide needs to be updated
500864DocumentationRemove support for Exchange 2000 since Microsoft is ending support on this.
500861DocumentationDocumentation needs to be updated to include support for Avaya 15 software
500858DocumentationNeed to add line giving information in KB 7000896 Error 1208
500497DocumentationTroubleshooting section in common driver guide needs to be updated
500444DocumentationRL Guide: Few Java classes missing as part of RL configuration under Java Class Names
499705DocumentationAD Driver Doc: The text "select how you want the driver configurations sorted" is misleading
499703DocumentationIncorrect Note in Lotus notes documentation
499697DocumentationAD Driver Doc: Configuring the driver for ADAM instance should be ADAM-IDM3_6_0-V3.xml
499692DocumentationAD Driver Doc: Invalid link " How to Enable LDAP over SSL through third party ceritificate authority
499688DocumentationAD Driver Doc: Sec 2.2.3 and Sec 2.2.4 Remote Installation on other platforms includes netware
499686DocumentationAD Driver Doc: Installation of RL service for AD Driver is mentioned only for win 2008 64bit
499678DocumentationSection 7.2.1 in Installation Guide needs to be updated
499675DocumentationSection 7.2 in Installation guide to be changed
499651DocumentationSupported platforms section needs to be updated for Groupwise Guide
499638DocumentationAdd support for SQL server 2008 in JDBC driver documentation
499321DocumentationRemove support for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5
499271DocumentationThird party JDBC drivers section needs to be updated
499268DocumentationIDM collector file name is not corerct
499266DocumentationHTTP 404 Page Not Found coming for the few links
499265DocumentationIn the Installation guide of IDM 3.6.1 "Syatem Requirement' section needs to be updated
499254DocumentationAuditing and Reporting section in IDM overview documentation needs to be updated
498771DocumentationSupported versions for upgrades needs to be updated in install guide
498001DocumentationWhat modes (functional level) of Windows Server 2008 64 bit do we support?
497865DocumentationIn the Installation guide the section 6.3 Remote loader needs to be corrected
497241Documentationremove reference to IDM 3.6 driver documentation in 3.6.1 install guide
497203DocumentationRemove references to eDirectory 883 in IDM 3.6.1 Install guide
496775DocumentationIn IDM 3.6.1 , we need to remove 2.1.5 section
496772DocumentationIn IDM 3.6.1 onwards , the only supported AIX maintenance level is 5300-09
496770DocumentationIDM-Uninstall fails ,if eDir instrumentation is enabled
496767DocumentationIDM uninstaller on windows platforms is not removing "sentinel folder"
495998DocumentationIDM upgrade is not removing exisitng naudit
494354DocumentationRestart is required during RL upgrade [36 to 361]
493019DocumentationBroken link to PCDrivers.txt in the IDM documentation
492316DocumentationCompatibility Matrix for the supported drivers with 361 64 bit need to be documented in upgrade section
490971DocumentationDriver parameters and GCV sections of groupwise driver guide needs to be updated
490623Documentationincorrect example for attribute in Groupwise driver guide
489766DocumentationEnhance section of Notes doc that deals with multiple instances.
489593DocumentationChanges required in the documentation because of the new PA
488672DocumentationIDM3.6.1 installer guide needs to be updated in What's new Section with Castor project enhancements
488224DocumentationRestoring the dib using dsbk – IDM fail to start
488175DocumentationDocumentation Update for Bug 484627 - AIX Dumps Core on the OS level 5300-09
488100DocumentationNew LDAP driver options should be documented
487671DocumentationTroubleshooting section in IDM 3.6 Lotus notes driver guide needs to be updated
486775DocumentationIDM install throws "undefined symbol: DDCDuplicateContext"
484732DocumentationAdd Lotus notes 8.5 support to Lotus notes documentation
484617DocumentationNon root installation on solaris throws permission denied error for Lotus Notes Driver
484603DocumentationPerformance degradation running Ldap driver on Zones with JIT enabled
484319DocumentationGW driver documentation does not show GW 8 support
483940DocumentationAdding support for Virtualized (xen) OES2 (sp1) servers.
483739DocumentationIncorrect sentences in IDM 3.6 install guide
483469Documentation'Provisioning' is not appearing in Roles and Tasks on Solaris 10
482809DocumentationIDM Cobra Help: iManager Help, Incorrect graphic references
482717DocumentationWe need to add " how to uninstall RL on windows 2008 server core "
482715DocumentationPassword Sync Agent - retrieving domain names
481857DocumentationOn the readme the version number is incorrect.
481733DocumentationRemove Readme changes for Bug 475227 - IDM 3.6.1 Remote loader fails to load JVM after upgrade
480057DocumentationNeed to add clarification on how IDM works with HP-UX in trusted mode
478069DocumentationFile path is wrong in the Notes documentation
478015Documentation"if-op-attr '' available" fails even if attribute exist in the current operation
477528DocumentationTable 12-7 Job Operations in common driver guide needs to be updated
476339DocumentationIdm packages are not deleted by IDM Un-installer in Solaris 10
476041DocumentationTwo dxcmd command line options missing in common driver admin guide
475546Documentationcommon driver guide has no information on setting named password for driverset using dxcmd
475175DocumentationNeed to update dxcmd driverset operations list in common driver adminstration guide.
475038DocumentationWhats new section has many features which were already present in IDM 3.6
475037DocumentationIncorrect statement about 64 bit supported systems in whats new section
475034DocumentationRemove references to IDM 3.6 in Installation Section
475032DocumentationInvalid note in IDM 3.6.1 documentation
474747DocumentationSupported Server Operating Systems has to include 64 bit support platform also
474737Documentationplatform is not updated in the system requirements page
474734DocumentationIn System Requirements : RL and Meta Directory referring 3.6
474733DocumentationISO Images mentioned in the install guide is referring to 3.6
474732DocumentationChange all the references IDM 3.6 guides to IDM 3.6.1 guides
474722DocumentationJDBC Driver support fails for Oracle 8 and 9i databases on Windows server (R) 2008
474675DocumentationEULA need corrections
474669Documentation20090211 build has the IDM 3.6 Readme
473315DocumentationRequired IDM3.6.1 installation guide updation for new feature:IDM3.6.1 32 RL can install both 32 bit platform and 64 bit platfrom
468993DocumentationBroken links in idm_sentinel.pdf from IDM documentation.
467773DocumentationJDBC Driver docs missing one installation scenario
467585DocumentationAn error in specifying JVM Options will prevent ndsd from starting; then you can't modify your changes
464011DocumentationNeed to understand Health Services more-completely... document knowledge
463170DocumentationIncorrect use of 'Effect' vs. 'Affect' in documentation, plugins.
457499DocumentationSystem documentation for IDM3.6 RL 64bit needs to be corrected
455984DocumentationNeed to update the IDM3.6 Installer documentation-System requirements section
450563DocumentationIDM docs refer to KB 10097249 that is old and has incorrect information about Remote loader install
449007DocumentationTypo in IDM 3.6 AD driver for AD (Exch 20007)
447262Documentation'rdxml' startup script is not documented
442530DocumentationDifference in iManager and Docs Regarding Query Noun Description
434180DocumentationNo mention is made in quick start guides on fan-out driver of the need to start the asamcdrv service
434176DocumentationNo location for the fanout.xml given when running the fan-out driver install on Windows.
425484DocumentationFor jobs description the doc says five predefined jobs only threee are listed
419404DocumentationJDBC driver not working properly after update to 3.5.1
416659Documentation(Pwd) Typo in Universal Password Management Help file
416403DocumentationUpdate Lotus Notes driver guide graphics
415745Documentation<or> instead of <and> in predefined rule "Command Transformation - Publisher Delete to Disable"
414451DocumentationDoc: Provisioning Team wizard help pages incorrectly point to IDM 3.5 Admin Guide
413057DocumentationNeed to update table 2-3 where it lists the User Account Control componets
133966DocumentationIDM3_LOC : 20051114 : DE : missing graphics in the help
133965DocumentationIDM3_LOC:20051114:DE: VT-RN: Indistinct graphic in Versions Discovery Help
499382Driver-Active DirectoryAdd support for Windows 2008 server running in a 2008 functional level
486949Driver-Active DirectoryUnlocalised text "Warning" present in Jobs Results tab
486804Driver-Active DirectoryIncorrect tooltip on OK button in Identity Manager Library / Mapping Tables Dialog
408306Driver-Active DirectorySubscriber Password payload on an add event returns wrong XML document on Publisher
254763Driver-Active DirectoryMD: JPN : PreCfg : UserID "Administrator" is translated in example
463786Driver-Avaya PBXENH: Request for the Avaya driver to support AVAYA - 15
462893Driver-Avaya PBXModify Action for cable field not working with Avaya 15 Jar
462744Driver-Avaya PBXAvaya Driver not working with version 11
486389Driver-ComposerWIN2k3 - 20090317 - Driver information page need adjusting
432864Driver-eDirectoryIDM Driver resync doesn't find all objects
480498Driver-eDirectory - ConfigeDir driver 3.6 driver preconfig in Designer 3.0.1 has missing GCV
459972Driver-FanoutASAM Index creation does not work reliably
442571Driver-FanoutENH: Support for CentOS in the Fanout driver
438584Driver-FanoutDocumentation: Add more explination on certificates used between core and platforms and network addresses
434181Driver-FanoutFanout: asam master user prompt in the driver pre-config should be in dot format
434178Driver-FanoutNo option to change Novell fan-out driver remote loader port in install. It is also not documented well.
434175Driver-FanoutSince the -p is hardcoded for the start up script, whatever is in the asamplat.conf file will be ignored.
468231Driver-GroupWiseGroupwise driver does not start.
458441Driver-GroupWise - ConfigUpdate GroupWise.xml to support version 8.
496237Driver-JDBCENH: Adding support for MS-SQL2008 database.
486733Driver-JDBCWhen multiple JDBC Drivers are run locally on different databases Current Database appears wrong
479922Driver-JDBCUsers are not synchronizing to Oracle 11g
477800Driver-JDBCJDBC driver freezes when an event of type 2 is sent with a table key (association) that does not exist in IDM
393815Driver-JDBCQuery with wildcard failing with message indicating error in SQL syntax
227760Driver-JDBCNeed to add ability to handle sql reserved words as table column names
501326Driver-JDBC - Configunable to create jdbc driver for some database types
496436Driver-JDBC - ConfigUnable to create JDBC Driver for SQL Server_7 with JDBC-IDM3_6_0-V4.xml preconfig file.
460363Driver-JMSENH: Request for JMS driver to support JBoss Messaging queue
496387Driver-JMS - ConfigFor Websphere MQ configuration the URL info of the broker need to be changed
420433Driver-JMS - ConfigENH: Request for the JMS driver to support TIBCO EMS v5
496790Driver-LDAPBug 460470* Fix added for this defect causes a remove all but no replace
489475Driver-LDAPSubscriber option is not disabled when value is set to no.
474794Driver-LDAPLDAP driver appears to be case insensitive
474783Driver-LDAPLDAP Driver treats attributes that span multiple lines incorrectly
467253Driver-LDAPNeed support for anonymous bind
460735Driver-LDAPhomePostalAddress is not handled correctly
457907Driver-LDAPLDAP driver sending passwors when configured no too
457833Driver-LDAPLDAP driver is processing events on first startup when the driver parameter states only new events.
457503Driver-LDAPWants the LDAP Driver 500 transaction bind limit to be configurable
444474Driver-LDAPLDAPPublisher.processModifyValue() nextToken Line 1 Error: java.util.NoSuchElementException
362787Driver-LDAPIDM Password Plugin error when changing a password more than once
362782Driver-LDAP(Pwd) IDM Password Plugin Error when adding object without password to Sun ONE Directory Server
278291Driver-LDAPAdd ability for driver to filter on individual attributes for different classes.
485861Driver-LDAP - ConfigLDAP Driver throwing an exception "StringIndexOutOfBounds"
476893Driver-LDAP - ConfigLDAP Driver Preconfig -- Bug 457503
476882Driver-LDAP - ConfigLdap Driver preconfig Enahancement 278291
463834Driver-LDAP - ConfigAdd new driver parameters to LDAP driver config
435483Driver-LDAP - ConfigLogin Disabled not working against Sun Java Directory 5.2.4
478948Driver-Linux & UnixLinuxUnix Bidirectional driver does not get installed on Solaris Zones
468043Driver-Lotus NotesOn User Add, Mail file replication via adminp process performs no action
435926Driver-Lotus NotesLotus Notes Driver is not working with RL 64bit on Win2k3 64 bit platform
472493Driver-PeopleSoft 5PeopleSoft PSA Permission List does not contain all deleivered Component Interfaces
496438Driver-PeopleSoft 5 - ConfigPeopleSoft Driver Config writes unwanted XML characters while prompting for PeopleSoft Admin Password
471968Driver-Remedy ARSDefault Remedy preconfig does not check for mandatory attributes
470057Driver-Remedy ARSRemedy driver requests schema refresh and can never start.
451038Driver-Remedy ARSRemedy driver shuts down and does not recover automatically if the Remedy host goes unavailable
431479Driver-Remedy ARSRemedy driver shuts down if the pooling interval is set to 600 seconds
483371Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsUntranslated text in 'Create Job' menu
482808Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsThe Identity Vault is truncated on App
431476Driver-SAP HRSAP HR future dated Idoc with incorrect date
430105Driver-SAP HRSupport for Unicode generated IDocs
494087Driver-SAP UserSAP Portal Driver Event Transformation Policy does not handle Sync
474724Driver-SAP UserSAP User Driver keeps on trying for invalid date format
468346Driver-SAP UserUsers are not synching from SAP application to eDir and version is incorrect
395596Driver-SAP UserEnhancement Request: Add ability to provision UCLASS structure in SAP in <add> events
496443Driver-SAP User - ConfigDefault format conversion policies for CUA roles and profiles missing
491725Driver-ScriptingScripting documentation needs to be updated with OSX support.
426691Driver-ScriptingWindows Scripting Driver leaves temp files after every Heartbeat
422572Driver-ScriptingRemove multiple attribute issue
421499Driver-ScriptingScripting Driver on Solaris 10 - Can't read REMOVE_attr
421498Driver-ScriptingScripting Drivers Patch 5 Issue on Solaris 10
429305Driver-SentinelDriver documenation is incomplete
429304Driver-SentinelSentinel Driver Instance ID is not addressed fully
429300Driver-SentinelDocumentation Bug for the Sentinel Driver
491945Driver-SOAPSoap driver shutdown. Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: timeout value is negative
490444Driver-SOAPCertain status documents returned on the subscriber channel contain nested <nds><output> elements.
484693Driver-SOAPXSLT SPML Input Transform Policy doesn't return dest-dn and dest-entry-id when running on 3.6 engine
483400Driver-User Application - ConfigEnglish text in "Import Configuration" window for Roles User Application
483359Driver-User Application - ConfigMissed dot in 'Create Driver Set' dialog
491337Driver-Work Order - Config'Value' element missing in the WorkOrder driver's pre-config file
484622Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF)Top secret Driver is not getting installed with Non root IDM
459234Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF)Missing PSUSPEND in the IDMMODU Rexx script causing the suspend command to not work.
425405Engine-DirXML Scriptdo-start-workflow fails if :CorrelationID or :InitiatorOverrideDN is set
486386Engine-FunctionalityWIN2K3 - 20090317 - Wrong version number appearing on Driver information
484627Engine-FunctionalityAIX Dumps Core on the OS level 5300-09
483755Engine-FunctionalityeDirectory Dumps core while installing IDM3.6.1 as non root
483388Engine-FunctionalityVrdim not getting loaded on Non root IDM
467828Engine-Functionalityidm 36 does not take care of missing aux classes for reciprocal attribute handling
467514Engine-FunctionalityError Initializing dirxml
461423Engine-Functionalityunable to install the DXMLengn.pkg on Solaris platform
455990Engine-FunctionalityUnable to load the JVM on solaris 64bit platform when I run the remote loader
486770Engine-Job SchedulerEnglish text in 'Jobs' error message
497261Engine-OtherCannot associate Driver Set with Server on Windows 2003
481397Engine-OtherIn dxcmd exiting from set start option for a disabled driver shows prompt for resync
480877Engine-Otherdxcmd accepts blank username/password
479032Engine-Otherldapadd performance significantly degraded when IDM 3.6.1 installed
478992Engine-Otherdxcmd --help needs to be updated for named passwords
468643Engine-OtherHealth monitoring consume memory causing IDM to stop functioning
464085Engine-OtherIncorrect default java location on Solaris 64 bit. Build flags not getting used correctly.
463792Engine-OtherAfter installating IDM sucessfully dxcmd throws a error.
463726Engine-OtherLocalization Changes needed for 3.6.1
438095Engine-Other64-bit changes for windows
427650Engine-Otherjclient exception error while staring Dirxml Engine
421009Engine-Other64bit Changes for Solaris
416834Engine-Otherdxcmd works fine in interactive mode however it fails when run in batch mode
474758Engine-ReportingIDM driver trace files shows Incorrect version of IDM
505101Install-FrameworkIDM 3.6.1: Removal of Castor changes from IDM 3.6.1
495930Install-Frameworknovell-Sentinelplatformagent rpm not installed if installation folder contains ()
494264Install-FrameworkLogevent.dll file is not present in C:\novell\nds folder
493546Install-FrameworkRemove Linux,Windows and solaris folders and their contents form idm_installer project in CMSynergy
493112Install-FrameworkIDM Installer is not creating "data" and "log" folder for Sentinel PA on Solaris contains ^M characters
492823Install-FrameworkNeed to remove naudit folder as part of IDM install
492821Install-FrameworkNot able to see dirxml.lsc file
492787Install-FrameworkIDM install creating logevent.conf file
492729Install-FrameworkSentinel PA rpm is not removing as part of IDM-Uninstall
490814Install-FrameworkIDM 3.6.1 cannot install: Unsupported JClient version message
490129Install-FrameworkIntegrating the new Platform agent with IDM 3.6.1
488524Install-FrameworkWindows RL Install added wrong architecture
486338Install-FrameworkIDM Installer for 3.6.1 needs to include the newly written SAP Driver(s) for JCo 3.0.1
484631Install-FrameworkEnglish version of localization file needs to be checked in CMSysnergy
481874Install-FrameworkMissing text in Pre-installation screen when 'Connected Install' is selected
481860Install-FrameworkExtra question marks in German and Swedish license agreements
481742Install-FrameworkVersionsss.exe under utilities folder
477980Install-FrameworkJMS Driver is not working if jms.jar is placed in /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/dirxml/classes
477584Install-FrameworkIDM Installer fails if mounted NFS point is down
477534Install-FrameworkIDM3.6.1(20090217): AUDT package is missing for SOlaris platform
476960Install-FrameworkIDM install fails on windows server 2008 platform
476320Install-FrameworkIDM uninstaller is not removing few rpm files
475594Install-Frameworkrpm file name should match the driver version
475287Install-FrameworkRL upgrade from 36 to 361 successful with errors
474683Install-Frameworkidm-nonroot-install will not work for 64 bit IDM 361
474668Install-FrameworkNon-Root installer displays incorrect version.
473774Install-FrameworkInstaller size is increased too much compare to IDM 3.6
473257Install-FrameworkJMS driver is not working on 64 bit platforms
470590Install-FrameworkIDM3.6Bundle edition is installing with some errors in the trace
467490Install-FrameworkIDM 3.6.1 install fails on AIX due to JClient error
466326Install-FrameworkInstaller is not detecting 32bit jclient
465628Install-FrameworkIDM Uninstaller is not deleting folders.
464796Install-FrameworkIDM 3.6.1: Wrong error message shown for a non priviledge user account at the time of IDM login in
464793Install-FrameworkUnable to install 32 bit RL on windows 2003 64 bit
464777Install-FrameworkProper Error Text message
464773Install-FrameworkIDM 3.6.1: Installing IDM without edir is succeeding with SLES 10 (32 bit)
464416Install-FrameworkIDM 3.6.1 : Installing IDM over unsupported version of eDirectory is success
464357Install-FrameworkIDM-Install fails on Soalris OS
464353Install-Framework[Test Case 727120] To Check for uninstaller is throwing an exception
464346Install-FrameworkIDM 3.6.1 GUI Install shows 3.6 version instead of 3.6.1
464094Install-FrameworkIDM Installer is not detecting Jclient
464092Install-Framework[Test Case 708523] Jclient installation
464051Install-Framework[Test Case 732948] Check for the version while installing IDM
447016Install-Framework64bit binaries are missing in IDM3.6 Solaris installer build
444077Install-FrameworkRemote loader install fails on windows 2008 server core
443610Install-FrameworkIDM should not include jclnt instead should add dependency on the jclnt rpm
436449Install-FrameworkRequired 64 bit IDM installer for Linux
432290Install-FrameworkRemote Loder Uninstaller does not remove "DirXMLUtilities" folder and registry entries of DIRXML REMOTE LOADER
429976Install-FrameworkInstallation fails if not run from path where install.bin resides
425547Install-FrameworkSupport "silent" installation
416989Install-FrameworkeDirectory upgrade from 8739 to 883 , corrupts IDM 3.5.1 setup on Solaris 9
504445Install-IDMIDM 3.6.1 fails to install Castor schema
497269Install-IDMErrors appearing in IDM install
495049Install-IDMUpgrade from IDM 361 32 bit RL to IDM 361 64 bit RL installs 32 bit 361 RL only
492313Install-IDMWarning message during upgrade from 32 bit 64 bit RL for the unsupported drivers
490867Install-IDMIDM failure during OES 2 64-bit upgrade to OES 2 SP1
489676Install-IDMMetaDirectory install in Traditional Chinese locale fails on AIX
487114Install-IDMCastor related project files needs to be updated under IDM3.6.1 release
486771Install-IDMUpgrade from Meta IDM 351[87310b] to IDM 361 [885 64 bit] is failing saying invalid credentials with proper user credentials
485847Install-IDMUpgrade from IDM 351 Meta [882] to 64 bit IDM 361 Meta[885] is in hang state while starting eDirectory
482711Install-IDMUpgrade from 32 bit IDM 3.5.1 Remote Loader to 64 bit IDM 361 installs 32 bit IDM 361 in Solaris 10 when eDir 32 bit Instance is running on the setup
481824Install-IDMVersion number is incorrect on the License Agreement
481819Install-IDMIncorrect version number appearing in Install headline.
478942Install-IDMInstaller changes for RL trace enhancement
408391Install-IDMErrors relating to CONSOLE mode when uninstalling IDM 3.6
405817Install-IDMUntranslated '32bit AIX Unsupported 'error message
479789Plugins-Credential ProvisioningCredential provisioning property book is not closing
475558Plugins-Credential ProvisioningCredential provisioning task is not showing properly in firefox.
379926Plugins-Credential Provisioninginvalid number of steps in 'Create New Provisioned Resource' wizard
501951Plugins-DirXML AdministrationIDM 3.6.1 plugins don't recognize 3.6.1 engine when populating the import driver drop-down
498377Plugins-DirXML AdministrationIDM roles are not populated in iManager with the IDM plugin build 20090425
494595Plugins-DirXML AdministrationSupport for Password-ref GCV type variables in iManager
493649Plugins-DirXML AdministrationCannot view driver names past a certain number of characters
489145Plugins-DirXML AdministrationProvide data validation in DriverSet JVM parameter entry fields
487678Plugins-DirXML Administrationremove message is missing when the GCV is not selected
484268Plugins-DirXML AdministrationUser application configuration is not present in Identity manager 3.6 configuration
483460Plugins-DirXML AdministrationUnlocalised text "Undefined" present in Script prompt dialog
483443Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXML Script Tracing - "All DirXML Script tracing on" is duplicated
483431Plugins-DirXML AdministrationIncorrect year in Synchronize window
480772Plugins-DirXML Administrationobjects are selected as dot format in usercontainer of the driver.
479459Plugins-DirXML AdministrationIDM Plugin version is not correct.
464882Plugins-DirXML AdministrationiManager does not refresh health when using 'Get Current Status' on driver
460223Plugins-DirXML AdministrationCannot migrate users with a comma (,) in their CN
450120Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDocumentation for JVM Options on DriverSet incorrect
439945Plugins-DirXML AdministrationIDM 3.6 plugins - Driver properties page not showing all options in toolbar
438519Plugins-DirXML AdministrationAdd a pop-up warning box when deleting a driver object that says something like "Only do during off hours"
424998Plugins-DirXML AdministrationNeed to Display Structured GCVs
184351Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML)IDM3SP1: SLES 9 SP3: 060601: CS: Shortened list box appears in "Migrate data into the Identity vault" dialog.
481720Plugins-Email Notification ConfigUser is able to delete to default template that shipped with imanager.
459639Plugins-Email Notification ConfigPassword Expiration Notification template in the Default Notification Collection object does not exist
435326Plugins-Email Notification ConfigPassword Expiration Notification template in the Default Notification Collection object does not exist
473629Plugins-FanoutFanOut iManager Plugin doesn't work on NetWare 6.5
484266Plugins-InspectorIdentity Manager - Driver Set Overview - Date & time truncation in Dashboard
486902Plugins-Job SchedulerJobs Scheduler time is missing from the Schedule tab
497177Plugins-OtherOpening any Drivers Overview results in hang on German and S.Chinese
496776Plugins-OtherExporting a driver set not attached with a server gives null pointer exception
494272Plugins-Othererror message needs to change when non admin user opened a provisioning request and Provisioning team
484329Plugins-OtherExtra characters in 'Challenge Questions' window for 'Challenge Sets'
484316Plugins-OtherExtra characters for 'Identity Vault' in Driver Overview
484310Plugins-OtherOverlaping controls in 'Mapping Table Property Book' window for Entitlements Driver
484183Plugins-OtherMissing dots in Step 5 of 'Define Team Requests'
483946Plugins-OtherUntranslated provisioning requests
483907Plugins-OtherMissing dots in 'ID-Provider Policies'
483812Plugins-OtherProvisioning request display wrong message when the server is not added
483785Plugins-Otherprovisioning request & provisioning team home page is not populating
483410Plugins-OtherRoles Service driver's configuration accepts settings without a password
483405Plugins-OtherMisaligned text in 'Import Configuration' window for Role Service
483391Plugins-OtherMisaligned text in 'Import Configuration' window for Driver Health Job
482348Plugins-OtherWhen installing Novell Certificate Server plugin,Unable to load NPKIAPI
482254Plugins-OtherBLank Screen while configuring the drivers using iManager 2.7 SP3
481859Plugins-OtherImport a configuration from the client (.XML file) text box is not editable in firefox
480787Plugins-OtherDriverset GCV values of the User container is not getting changed with the change of driver user container values.
475069Plugins-Othercreating a driver and driver set with "." character is taking extra character "\"
475064Plugins-OtherOpening a driver configuration XML in IE in Export configuration is not opening a new window
473896Plugins-OtherIncorrect use of 'Effect' vs. 'Affect' in IDM plugins.
469754Plugins-OtherNeed to consume the latest PKI.NPM in the IDM Plugins
456518Plugins-OtherPreconfig import removes backslashes
444456Plugins-OtherApprovalFlow.npm has to be changed to support the latest Xalan.jar
439791Plugins-OtherReorder buttons not available
434192Plugins-OtherWant the driver fishbone view to display the driver's own full dn
383149Plugins-OtherIDM 3.6.1 (Caribou) - MetaDir : linguistic ZH_CN Incorrect translations
494579Plugins-Password AdministrationBuild 20090409 Password policy is not getting created successfully.
491004Plugins-Password Administrationclear cache require documentaion in password policy help file
484012Plugins-Password AdministrationJava Script error on Advanced Password Rules page.
483995Plugins-Password AdministrationAdvanced Password Rules - No Error message showing in History list size
483921Plugins-Password AdministrationMissing colon in Step 1 of 'Password Policy Wizard'
482310Plugins-Password Administrationnavigation from from challenge set page is not correct.
481850Plugins-Password Administrationpassword policy is closing by selecting a challenge set.
481840Plugins-Password AdministrationException error in chalenge set
480908Plugins-Password Administrationclearing Previous values present in Policyname,description,password change message
467535Plugins-Password AdministrationNo Validation provided when Maximum numerals exceeds Maximum Length in Password Syntax.
446709Plugins-Password AdministrationRemoving multiple Policy assignments in one go does only remove first entry in the list.
440391Plugins-Password AdministrationForgot Password and Change Password are not fully localized with MS complexity rules enabled
427432Plugins-Password AdministrationIssue when configure only Password Length/Minimum number of characters in Universal Password
422852Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) Universal Password Retrieval misleading
231231Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) Show full dn of Password Policy and Challenge set through out Password Plugin
484275Plugins-Policy Builderdelete message is missing when the policy is not selected
484249Plugins-Policy Builderobject selector and history is not disabled in select container of create policy
484214Plugins-Policy BuilderMake a copy from an existing policy is not editable.
408822Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Policy Builder Display Issue, No Line Break
483932Plugins-User Password ManagementMissing colon in 'View Policy Assignments'
494585Plugins-Work Ordersame work order is listed in all the work driver.
493857Plugins-Work OrderWork Order Management Plugins not recognizing shim-wrapped WorkOrder Drivers
493850Plugins-Work OrderWork Order Management Plugins not recognizing remotely loaded WorkOrder Driver
483904Plugins-Work OrderWork order management is not working with work order driver created in 3.6 configuration
497867Plugins-WorkflowUnable to update iManager Plugin using NPM's getting bundled with Windows IDM build
481453Plugins-WorkflowiManager plugin truncates ECMAscripts expressions added by Designer
459882Plugins-WorkflowText on Workflow plugin login page in iManager needs reworded
487660Remote Loader-EngineRemote Loader Socket error
482294Remote Loader-EngineError intilization command connection: Socket error Permission Denied
475227Remote Loader-EngineIDM 3.6.1 Remote loader fails to load JVM after upgrade
466777Remote Loader-EngineRemote Loder does not removing the registry entries of DIRXML REMOTE LOADER
466745Remote Loader-EngineUnable to configure driver on windows 2008 32bit platform
442154Remote Loader-EngineUnable to load JVM while setting up password for IDM 3.6 RL on 64 Bit OES2 SP1
397416Remote Loader-Enginerdxml dumps core
393183Remote Loader-EngineRemote Loader Trace is incompatible with windows 2008
497167Remote Loader-GUIDriver creation using RL console having problem
497133Remote Loader-GUINewly added driver entry not appeared in RL console after upgrade
489110Remote Loader-GUIChanging the command port on the RL leaves Services inconsistent
476957Remote Loader-GUIHelp is not working in RL console
476851Remote Loader-GUIUnable to see trace message screen on windows server core 2008
430581Remote Loader-GUIOld Config files disappeared from RL Console utility after upgrading Remote Loader from IDM 3.5.1 to IDM 3.6 on Win 2003 64 Bit
474740Utilitiesdxcmd command shows wrong version of IDM
464333UtilitiesIDM 3.6.1 Uninstall is not removing dirxml/classes folders