Defects fixed in the IDM 3.6 release

  • 7003980
  • 27-Jul-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.6

Additional Information

Defect IDComponentDescription
403649AD Password Sync-Password AgentError occurred while clicking add button on Password Synchronization
228560AD Password Sync-Password AgentMD: Identity Manager PassSync - Dialog and Description is untranslated
409384Audit IntegrationTarget Type reported incorrectly in nAudit events
391230Audit IntegrationThere is no way to get the real perpetrator of an IDM Driver stop / start event
359364Audit Integrationdirxml.lsc file in current Caribou build image does not have the additions added in Hajen
301089Audit IntegrationEnh Req: Use full event ID in schema LSC file
181377Audit IntegrationUA: In any of drop down boxes for Administration - Logging word Debug not translated in English.
405539BuildsGW Driver Fails to Start
395281Buildsold plugins included in build
387581BuildsJDBC driver :- JDBC driver does not start when IDM 3.6 is integrated with DB 2 9.5 connected system
386018BuildsTwo lines are overlapping and hard to read
386015BuildsAction dropdown menu item remains untranslated.
386007BuildsA menu item remains untranslated
386004BuildsEdit dropdown menu items remain untranslated.
386000BuildsA menu item remains untranslated
385999BuildsA menu item remains untranslated
385995BuildsA Japanese character half hidden
385992BuildsInconsistent terminology
385909BuildsUntranslated text "Disable fade effects on data reads''
385908BuildsUntranslated text "Always execute actions when conditions are true''
385907BuildsUntranslated text "number of status events"
385906BuildsInappropriate translation for "over the last" in this context.
385904BuildsUntranslated text. Please check.
385903BuildsUntranslated text "Available History"
385901BuildsInappropriate translation for "Activation required by:" in this context.
385353BuildsiManager 2.6 plugins in build
380578Buildsjsp files in DirXMLScript plugin are not current
376834BuildsWrong Package in build
309355BuildsText coming up in middle of install
305884BuildsUA:IDM 3.5.1 Antelope User Apps: Duplicate period in "Basic Search."
300699BuildsMD : Create driver set, Create driver wizard main page, incorrect translation
300567BuildsMD: Incorrect translation for "Exclusions"
300557BuildsMD:Inappropriate translation for "An * indicates required information."
304866Client Login ExtensionUA:IDM 3.5.1 Antelope : Unnecessary period
304862Client Login ExtensionUA:IDM 3.5.1 Antelope : Unnecessary period
302183Client Login ExtensionUA: Untranslated text on "Welcome!" page.
223311Common PoliciesProvide a way via policy to create index values for an attribute
414611DocumentationRequirements for IDM 3.6 and eDir 8.8.3 on Windows 2003 are inconsistent
408920Documentationdsrepcfg.ntf is created as symlink
405333DocumentationEdirectory dumps core while running LDAP Driver.
404651DocumentationChange the Poll Time field to be consistent in displaying information when creating and modifying
404643DocumentationEdir driver configuration using iManager :- Does not have options to specify password synchronization version
403692Documentationdriver tries to connect in publisher only mode
402933DocumentationGraphic needs to be updated
400255DocumentationUpdate documentation for set destination password and set source password
397298DocumentationUpdate Notes driver documentation
396867DocumentationRequest for a graphic to be updated
396571DocumentationUpdate Designer graphic in IDM 3.6 Overview
394208DocumentationRemote Loader Trace is incompatible with windows 2008
392281DocumentationGraphic needs to be updated for Novell Audit
387355DocumentationDriver set overview page change 'driver' to 'driver set'
386372Documentation3.5.1 docs point to IDM 2 docs for driver configuration information
382898DocumentationDoc: Create new Graphic for the Installation guide
380243DocumentationGW Driver documentation does not state need for GW client in required configuration
378034DocumentationDoc: Need to document new Roles Provisioning DirXML-Script
376992DocumentationDXCMD - Interactive Mode needs better descriptions
376933DocumentationNew Graphic Request for Auditing and Reporting Checklist
376925DocumentationModify the Password Management Checklist graphic
376922DocumentationTwo New graphics for the Caribou Installation Guide
376512DocumentationDoc: For token-generate-password, attribute policy-dn is optional
375603DocumentationDoc: Help Page for NamedPasswords only talks about drivers.
373432DocumentationRequest for updating existing graphics for Remote Loader
373423DocumentationRequest for updating existing graphics
372508DocumentationCreate graphics for Caribou Overview
372175DocumentationDoc: Write help files for the new ID-Provider driver support in the plug-ins.
369341DocumentationDoc: In the Provisioning Request configuration plug-in, document the newly implemented filtering.
368292DocumentationDoc: Document new "Quick Filters" menu item in Workflows Administration
367848DocumentationDoc: Provisioning Team wizard should supply choices for category and PRD selection instead of it existing in another wizard
366977DocumentationDoc: Document the new "View Entitlements" action in the Object Inspector
366701DocumentationDoc: Document ability to Search by Process ID in iManager Workflow Interface to help files.
366491Documentationwrong JDBC driver class in Admin Documentation
366012DocumentationDoc: Document "paging" the results in the Driver Inspector.
365647DocumentationDoc: Clipboard support added to the Health Check Configuration plug-ins.
365011DocumentationRemote Loader Documentation enhancement
364951DocumentationIDM apparently supports being clustered though it does not support the clustering platforms themselves.
363840DocumentationDoc: Changes to Driver Health Configuration require help changes.
363017DocumentationNew Graphic Request - Graphics for the Check Lists
362057DocumentationGraphic in the NT Driver Guide looks different from the other graphics
361033DocumentationDriver Heartbeat documentation needs clarification
360189DocumentationDoc: Add information for old password in <do-set-dest-password> and <do-set-src-password> to help
359728DocumentationDoc: Add information for offset and offset-units attributes on <token-convert-time> to help
359483DocumentationIllustrations appear very small in the PDF file output
359296DocumentationDoc: Add information for default-value attribute on <token-map> to help
356896DocumentationResizing of graphic required for the Windows NT Driver Guide
352678DocumentationDoc: iManager plugin needed for editing custom reciprocal attribute mappings
351121DocumentationTips section in the Rule Builder Help documentation is not updated
350818DocumentationContents of "Identity Manager Overview" Help are not getting displayed properly.
348736DocumentationSAP 4.7 ALE Configuration for File Port transmission is not possible to configure
345108DocumentationMissing information on the LDAP Incremental values control
344497DocumentationC_M1: Driver Set overview help content needs to be updated
343306DocumentationC_M1:Unable to display contents of 'Driver Health Configuration' help window
339963DocumentationDoc: Clear all cached events requires help change
337852DocumentationPeopleSoft Implementation Guide needs update to section 2.3.2
336976DocumentationSAP User implemintation guide needs added info on how to query SAP roles.
248147DocumentationMD: Graphic: Incorrect Identity Vault graphic displayed in Identity Manager Overview screen
393862Driver-Active DirectoryMD - All_Lang- Unlocalised text when you create a new driver
385606Driver-Active DirectoryAD driver won't stay running
381457Driver-Active DirectoryAD Driver crashes after reconnect from network failure.
376542Driver-Active DirectoryBad wording and grammar in MAD driver preconfig
330245Driver-Active DirectoryNeed way to specify LDAP port(s) for ADAM
334442Driver-Avaya PBXAvaya driver does not handle Logon screen prompts from Avaya version 13
380157Driver-ComposerComposer driver rpm/pkg installs XDS.jar
306292Driver-Delimited TextMD: Double "*" while adding drivers in driver set
301322Driver-Delimited TextMD : 20070809 : CS : Linguistic error
300621Driver-Delimited TextMD : Incorrect syntax
360011Driver-eDirectoryThe 20071203 patch for the eDir driver has a serious error that prevents source queries on the publisher channel from working
395066Driver-FanoutUntranslated text on Fan-Out Driver configuration page
392760Driver-FanoutFan-Out driver imports fail
365271Driver-FanoutFan-out driver cdrv-install script fails with and install to a system with a port different from default
353684Driver-FanoutInstallation Enhancements for Fan-out Driver
333099Driver-FanoutBetter Error Reporting for Fan Out Driver Provisioning
303882Driver-FanoutPlatform Services / PAM authentication on HPUX Itanium
405934Driver-GroupWiseGW Driver Wizard Example is Fataly Wrong for Linux
399349Driver-GroupWiseIDM3.6.0 Groupwise rpm not placing .jar files on proper location
378225Driver-GroupWiseQuerying GroupWise for the attribute Internet EMail Address returns no results
309209Driver-i5OS & OS400i5OS & OS 400 driver not handling the Login Disabled attribute properly when the change comes from the OS to eDirectory
389360Driver-JDBCJDBC driver:- JDBC sample driver has matching policies against unindexed columns(given Name and Surname)
387538Driver-JDBCDriver does not start during Triggerless publication mode
355750Driver-JDBCBetter handling of the JDBC state file for large triggerless databases
325700Driver-JDBCModeler> Dragging and Adding Database Applications shows driver name as Driver, Driver2 and so forth
297077Driver-JDBCIncorrect and passwords don't seem to create a fatal exception to stop the driver when connecting to postgres 8
296351Driver-JDBCMD: Unable to create a JDBC driver.
282419Driver-JDBCWould like the jTDS driver be supported in the future release of the product
255924Driver-JDBCJDBC debug level should honor is-sensative attribute on JDBC statement
226779Driver-JDBCEnh: Multiple times in the "Publication time of day" (JDBC)
201702Driver-JDBCMD: Japanese translation is different compare with other drivers
129775Driver-JDBCAdd explicit SELECT privilege on sequence objects to privileges section of PostgreSQL scripts.
215512Driver-JMSAdd Tibco support to preconfig and check-in broker scripts.
407633Driver-LDAPoptimize-modify failing on LDAP driver loginDisabled attribute
407029Driver-LDAPIDM 3.6 LDAP Configuration files :- LDAP driver does not start with IDM 3.6 LDAP driver configuration
404592Driver-LDAPLDAP Driver config :- LDAP driver looks for 'use-mutual-auth' paramter even though Driver not configured for mutual auth
404588Driver-LDAPLDAP Driver config :- Search Base DN of Publisher setting does not hold value given by IDM admin
394937Driver-LDAPDoc: SunOne Password plugin missing runtime symbols
394936Driver-LDAPSunOne 5.2 slapd not starting with password plugin errors
392044Driver-LDAPLDAP Driver does not handle Facsimile telephone number syntax during a migrate
389732Driver-LDAPSubordinate scope query without a search class is failing
368608Driver-LDAPLDAP Driver Trace log should display the LDAP search request for no such object exceptions.
356991Driver-LDAPChanges on multiple attributes with merge authority cause errors for unassociated objects
309624Driver-LDAPUse of LDAPPublisher.searchForClassName() can cause events to be dropped.
350033Driver-LoopbackLoopback driver hangs when a heartbeat and a subscriber event happen simultaneously
363405Driver-Lotus NotesCustom mailfile ACL setting are not being applied in certain conditions
336702Driver-Lotus NotesNDSrep's handling of Type & Form field is different than the NotesDriverShim
151007Driver-Lotus NotesValidation tool needed
386708Driver-NullExtra quotation marks in 'Driver Health' configuration dialog
386678Driver-NullMD - German - Inconsistent punctutation in Driver Set Dashboard
386669Driver-NullMD - German - Inconsistenten punctutation in tooltips
386584Driver-NullMD - German - Incorrect uppercase intials
386577Driver-NullMD - German - Incorrect phrasing
386519Driver-NullMD - German - Inconsistent punctuation
386510Driver-NullMD - German - Redundant quote characters
386444Driver-NullMD - German - Inconsistent terminology, phrasing & punctuation
386441Driver-NullMD - German - Incorrect Spelling
386440Driver-NullMD - German - Code in UI
386439Driver-NullMD - German - Incorrect translation
386438Driver-NullMD - German - Inconsistent phrasing in DirXML Script Tracing dialog
386437Driver-NullMD - German - Inconsistent phrasing in tooltips
386436Driver-NullMD - German - Incorrect phrasing in tooltips
386434Driver-NullMD - German - Incorrect punctuation
386432Driver-NullMD - German - Inconsistent punctuation
299272Driver-PeopleSoft 5Enhancement for PSA - DirXML Transaction Maintenance page
395044Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsUntranslated text in Driver Configuration for Subscriber Channel of Entitlements Driver
387684Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsEnglish text when adding a new policy to driver
387103Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsEnglish text in 'Actions' menu in overview
387032Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsEnglish text in 'Migrate from Identity Vault of the 'Entitlements' driver
387030Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsEnglish text in 'Entitlements' driver export configuration
383269Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsAll strings Unlocalized in "Driver Health Configuration" pages
383262Driver-Role-Based Entitlements1. Text truncated "Modify Object: " 2. Dropdown arrow different and Icons missing.
383258Driver-Role-Based Entitlements:is missing in "選擇伺服器 * "
383255Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsGlobal issue. Parenthesis missing in the target.
383250Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsRedundant * in "An * indicates required information." Please remove one.
383247Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsUnlocalized strings on "Driver Set Overview" and its dropdown lists
383245Driver-Role-Based EntitlementsUnlocalized strings.
355248Driver-SAP HRplease provide xml attributes src-dn and event-id in an instance document
395075Driver-ScriptingUntranslated text on Scripting Driver configuration page
410049Driver-SOAPSOAP DSML driver :-Sample SOAP-DSML -IDM3_5_1-V1 config file on IDM 3.6 environment is not at all same on that is on IDM 3.5.1
402205Driver-SOAPSOAP Driver :- keystore password in subsriber & publisher channels and server key password are displayed in clear text format
391152Driver-SOAPSOAP driver doesn't work while using Multiple Subscriber Option and Custom HTTP headers
384517Driver-SOAPSOAP driver doesn't add namespace declarations when restoring operation data to result document
377588Driver-SOAPSOAP driver does not close connection at SAP SPML interface
333026Driver-SOAPIf publisher listening port is already in use, the reported "fatal error" isn't clear as to why the driver shutdown
307250Driver-SOAPAdd the ability to set custom HTTP request headers using operation data
376778Driver-User ApplicationUA : Unlocalized text on the Form details section in My Tasks - Roles + Approvals
373354Driver-Work OrderWorkOrder driver updates DueDate attribute when processing status=error document
359051Driver-Work OrderHard coded value for max-result-count causes performance issue
357136Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF)Error in Top Secret IDMADDU script when adding Profiles
387145Engine-Credential ProvisioningEnglish text in Provisioning Request configuration
396265Engine-DirXML ScriptExeception occured , while creating nspmRandomUserPasswordGenerate
378600Engine-DirXML Script'start workflow' policy action failing after upgrade from IDM351 to IDM360
352409Engine-DirXML ScriptUnable to Connnect to UA on WebSphere to start workflow
274460Engine-DirXML ScriptExtend the "time" token
259375Engine-DirXML ScriptThe password policy DN for token-generate-password requires the tree name (or [root]) for an absolute DN
252962Engine-DirXML ScriptAllow specification of old password on do-set-dest-password/do-set-src-password
250364Engine-DirXML ScriptNeed way of using User object's assigned nspmPasswordPolicy object for token-generate-password
240792Engine-DirXML ScriptDefault Value if no mapping exists
239840Engine-DirXML ScriptNeed the "do-find-matching-object" to return more information on failure.
289339Engine-Environment SettingsThe Identity Manager install is adding java directories to /etc/
376722Engine-FunctionalitySOAP driver doesnt work with new Caribou builds
367192Engine-FunctionalityIDM engine fails to start
365081Engine-FunctionalityIDM Build is not getting installed
362433Engine-Functionalitynullpointer in move operation when using dest-entry-id
356878Engine-FunctionalityIDM Engine Flow Diagram Graphics to be converted into Frame-suitable graphics for the IDM Administration Guide
333694Engine-FunctionalityAdding Distribution List to a User also populates Group membership attribute
328897Engine-Functionalitysimulation doesn't expand named passwords
282134Engine-FunctionalityTemplate attributes ignored when operation document has them as well.
258888Engine-FunctionalityRequest for Engine Control Value: Allow event loopback
221887Engine-FunctionalityAllow JAR files that are not in standard IDM classpath to be loaded
147767Engine-FunctionalityNested Group Support
363822Engine-Job SchedulerNeed a way for getScope() to refresh the job's scope that's returned.
403886Engine-OtherChange DXMLengn package install to account for new 8.8.3 embedded jclient install
402867Engine-Othersend email from policy doesn't work in nonroot installation
401975Engine-Other(Doc stack size)eDir dumps core often in AIX
399935Engine-OtherUpdate dirxmlscript documentation for do-set-src-password/do-set-dest-password to provide correct ordering of the passwords
399540Engine-OtherUnable to load jar files using engine calls
393726Engine-OtherIf user object is moved and IDM is writting attribute values to that same object, some changes might get lost
390623Engine-OtherNonRoot -Schema of Dirxml is not getting extended for Entitlement driver
388795Engine-OtherUnlocalised text in Actions in Driver Health Configuration
388576Engine-OtherJDBC Driver crashes when you try to use a wrong userid and password .
386767Engine-OtherIDM Engine throws a NullPointerException while handling a malformed event
382963Engine-Otherdxcmd --help should work the same way as dxcmd /?
381326Engine-OtherMissing text on Password - Challenge Sets page
381231Engine-OtherEnglish text in Provisioning Team Creation wizard
380456Engine-OtherFinal page of new team request wizard contains unlocalised text
380449Engine-OtherExtra colons under Identity Manager Utilities
380378Engine-OtherUnlocalsied text on identity manager policy tab
380370Engine-OtherIn Driver Overview links on Driver are unlocalised
380353Engine-OtherMD : Double apostrophe appearing throughout MD
380327Engine-Otherextra quotes in Identity Manager Driver Cache Inspector
380310Engine-OtherMD: Driver Set Dashboard page is mostly unlocalized.
380307Engine-OtherMD: Driver Health Configuration is mostly unlocalized.
380300Engine-OtherMD: Unlocalized message in Driver Inspector
380294Engine-OtherMissed ellipsis in Provisioning Team Requests menu
380288Engine-OtherMD: English text on Driver Cache Inspector
380018Engine-OtherEnglish text in Identity Manager Policy dialog in Policy Rules section.
380003Engine-OtherUnlocalized text in Provisioning Requests
379981Engine-OtherUnlocalized tooltip in Driver Overview section.
379970Engine-OtherMD: English text while adding driver
379959Engine-OtherMD: Colon issue on Create Job dialog
379915Engine-OtherEnglish text in Identity Manager Overview section in driver "Overview" tab.
379907Engine-OtherMD: English text in Identity Manager Overview section.
376787Engine-OtherUA: Unlocalized text on Attestation 'SoD Violation Report' in My Tasks
376751Engine-OtherUA: English text in Compliance - Request User Profile Attestation Process section.
376733Engine-OtherUA: English text in "Request User Profile Attestation Process" window
375845Engine-OtherUA: Extra colons in error messages at Roles - Manage Separation of Duties
373360Engine-OtherNullPointerException when attribute isn't in schema
373359Engine-OtherLevel 3 Trace - Uses policy description instead of policy names
365053Engine-OtherDXCMD cores eDirectory when trying to use the Regenerate Identity Manager Server Keypair
364165Engine-OtherBad activation cores eDirectory, prevents it from loading ever again
353159Engine-OtherServer log for "Activation Required" should be more descriptive
292132Engine-OtherCannot send HTML from policy or XSLT using a notification template.
67045Engine-OtherDirXML (Enhancement): Statistical information needed for DirXML drivers
393548Engine-ReportingIncorrect Product version showed in IDM 3.6 log
345855Engine-Reportingtrace files should use UTF-8 character set
405036Install-FrameworkEdirectory crash occurs while installing Remote Loader on a machine containing IDM in AIX
385448Install-FrameworkInstaller not using custom paths
360171Install-Frameworkweb.xml not correct after silent install
254225Install-FrameworkConvert NIS-based IDM installers to InstallAnywhere
409735Install-IDMInstaller can't authenticate to tree after upgrading from IDM 3.5.1 and eDir 8.7.3
409263Install-IDMNDSD dumps core while upgrading the IDM from 3.5.1 to 3.6 on AIX
406349Install-IDMNOVLaudpa package not installing
403917Install-IDMRoles driver install fails if source directory has spaces
402870Install-IDMResource kit packages not getting installed by nonroot installer
402826Install-IDMIDM Install replaces the Novell Audit Platform Agent rpm without checking whether a newer one exist or not and also overwrites the configuration file.
401368Install-IDMWarning after upgrade from IDM 3.5.1
401348Install-IDMSegmentation error appears during MetaDirectory install on AIX & install fails to complete
401184Install-IDMunable to locate PassSyncConfig.cpl under system32 folder - Windows 2008
400563Install-IDMGerman EULA in MetaDirectory install contains unnecessary text
400086Install-IDMUnable to locate password sync CPL under control panel extension
399419Install-IDMNMAS errors during install
399393Install-IDMEngine install asks for iManager
399360Install-IDMIDM install needs to support installing remote loader on 64-bit Windows 2003 server
398142Install-IDMEntitlement Service Driver not installing to correct location
397336Install-IDMRemote Loader with windows 2008 :- Identity manager remote loader console fails to start
397159Install-IDMGroupWise items not installing to correct location
396733Install-IDMRemote Loader installation on Windows 2003 SP2 fails with 20080527 build
396466Install-IDMInstall not recognizing customized removal of Novell Audit
395794Install-IDMUnable to 'Create Shortcuts' while Insatlling Remote Loader.
395131Install-IDMNonFatalErrors during IDM install
393158Install-IDMUtilities heading still appears in install summary even if no utilites are to be installed
392705Install-IDMRemote loader fails to start on new installation of IDM 3.6 or upgrade of remote Loader from IDM 3.5.1 to IDM 3.6
392300Install-IDMDisable installation of NMAS schema in IDM installer
392143Install-IDMAdd support for Remedy 7.1 to IDM installer
391109Install-IDMUpdate install splash screen
391088Install-IDMERROR - Failed to Install NMAS Login Methods
391082Install-IDMLocalized EULAs not in install
391076Install-IDMDifferentiate the custom option
391072Install-IDMPackages missing base directory during install
391032Install-IDMRemote Loader install to wrong location on windows
391000Install-IDMWarning after installing remote loader on Windows 2008
390679Install-IDMJar files are not copied to proper location , while installing RL
389047Install-IDMnon-root install not extending schema
387885Install-IDMInstall on second server instance successfull with errors
387848Install-IDMRemote loader doesn't launch after install
387809Install-IDMWarnings when installed web administration and utilities on windows 2003 32-bit
387454Install-IDMErrors after install on Solaris
387157Install-IDMIDM install taking a long time to Complete on Windows 2003
386943Install-IDMFile copy warnings when installing remote loader and utilities
385441Install-IDMSchema errors during install
385348Install-IDMInstaller reporting platform as unsupported on Solaris
385328Install-IDMInstall completed with one warning
383218Install-IDMDriver Jars not copied to proper location during IDM install
383060Install-IDMWindows 2008 installs with warnings.
382937Install-IDMRemoteLoader install location changed
379855Install-IDMDialog missing information if NMAS is not installed
379664Install-IDMEnglish text & missing text in MetaDir installer
379170Install-IDMset ndspath in install
376736Install-IDMCaribou build(20080401) with old plugins (20080205)
376656Install-IDMSchema not getting extended for IDM during the installation process
376516Install-IDMInstall does not detect eDirectory on athlon machine running SLES10 32-bit
375316Install-IDMWhile Installing IDM 3.6, the check box for “Novell Identity Manager Metadirectory Server” option is not enabled.
373272Install-IDMWhile Installing, IDM Meta directory not accepting the user credentials in Authentication page.
372251Install-IDMIDM - Linux installation is failed with java exception
371728Install-IDMInstallation of IDM meta directory is completed with some errors
370369Install-IDMNeed the 3.6 License Agreements for Caribou
370038Install-IDMWarnings at end of IDM install
362693Install-IDMIdentity Manager 3.6 Caribou Installer for 64-bit Linux
361565Install-IDMBetter doc what fields are required in the file
346523Install-IDMClasspath Not found when runnign configupdate.bat on WebSphere
343073Install-IDMnon-root installer doesn't install DXMLdev package
339555Install-IDMWhen debuging a Linux install, list what tests are being run for the line VALID_EDIR_VERSION
336946Install-IDMnon-root install on Linux doesn't correctly patch ndsd init script
305954Install-IDMUA:Install screens, Standard or Provisioning, US in string
305794Install-IDMUA : several defects on install screen 2
305603Install-IDMUA:DM 3.5.1 Antelope : English Strings
305580Install-IDMUA Install -IDM 3.5.1 Antelope : Double Colon / Capitalization
305300Install-IDMUA : Data Migration description mistranslated
302541Install-IDMUA: Extra colon in tooltip for LDAP Administrator Password in User Application Configuration screen during install
302532Install-IDMUA: Truncated text in User Application Configuration screen during install
302523Install-IDMUA: Truncated text in User Application Configuration screen during install
302516Install-IDMUA: Extra colon with Host string throughout install
302457Install-IDMUA: Double colons in User Application Configuration screen during install
302455Install-IDMUA: Double colons in User Application Configuration screen during install
302431Install-IDMUA: Unstranslated strings in Advanced Options of User Application Configuration during install
300525Install-IDMMD : Novell Identity manager connected system disabled
297174Install-IDMDWiz: MD: Unable to load NPKIAPI - library could not be found
275629Install-IDMIDM install fails if a () is included in the path
233301Install-IDMDo eDir check before component selection
231950Install-IDMContents of DirXMLUtilities directory not well organized.
228453Install-IDMInstallAnywhere bug - *NIX GUI install - "Choose Install Set" what's selected or how to select it may not be readily apparent
220583Install-IDMGUI Install for Linux/Solaris/AIX needs Select/Deselect All
220578Install-IDMGui Install on AIX & Linux has grey or dark grey background that makes it hard to read and/or looks funny
162791Install-IDMIDM3 install Error: Failed to extend schema w/ $ in password
135237Install-IDMinstall wizard user experience could/should be improved
406331Plugins-Avaya PBX Driver(PBX) Plugins can't extract site, extension, workorder, and subscriber containers from driver parameters
346480Plugins-Credential Provisioning(CP) C_M1:Name and Display Name fields not marked as mandatory while defining global configuration value for the Credential Provisioning Property Book
343113Plugins-Credential ProvisioningCouldn't perform SSO operation: SecretType 'N' is not currrently supported.'.
336075Plugins-Credential Provisioning(CP) Fix findbugs errors in credential provisioning
306696Plugins-Credential ProvisioningMD : Missing three dots in 'Credential Provisioning - Repository ' dialog
407289Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Browsing for the DN for DN GCV referenced in a shim config info causes an error.
404701Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Mandatory Parameters page not first on Windows.
402584Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Incorrect Import File installed for Fan-Out Driver
400974Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Importing attached driver configuration causes an NPE
400928Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Importing a driver configuration containing a <named-password-query> generates an unexpected error
400623Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Driver wizard needs to integrate xlf information into driver health job during import.
399662Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Identity Manager plugin removing driver-param-name from gcv-ref in driver configuration
392279Plugins-DirXML AdministrationInspector: Able to open the 'old' IDM overview from the Driver Cache Inspector
392215Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) NullPointerException occurs attempting to add a policy to a library
391438Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXML: Cancel button doesn't work on reciprocal attribute page
389801Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXML: Migrate from Identity Vault functionality not working as expected
389794Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXML: Migrate into Identity Vault functionality not working as expected
388252Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXML: Rework the excluded users page to use SharedDSUtil.getNSOFromOE_ReadAttributes()
387895Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Import Multiple Drivers summary doesn't display libraries
386796Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Implement a new "Mandatory Parameters" property book page on a driver.
386734Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Inconsistent punctuation
386685Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Error message 'Error on page' being displayed by clicking Misc tab of Driver set Properties page.
386285Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: In Driver Wizard import summaries, make object names links to run property book on object.
384555Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Driver Health job configuration file should be named DriverHealthJob
384536Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Java Env Parameters page should limit heap size fields to valid values
380302Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: not localized XML file for Export Configuration
380058Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Error on page appears after moving Left side panel when Identity Manager Overview is opened.
379986Plugins-DirXML AdministrationMD: Button is different from US while trying to define security equivalences
379610Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Very compressed text in 'Cancel' button in Dataflow(Table view)
379468Plugins-DirXML AdministrationInspector: Incorrect time calculation for oldest and newest transaction in Dashboard
378097Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Support for Java Environment Parameters
377656Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Restructure build to pull driver configuration files from a zip file
377128Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Support for Java Environment Parameters
376015Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirML) Want driver set named passwords with inheritance like GCVs
375831Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Unable to create "Driver Set"
374474Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXML: Missing colon after "Container" label
374153Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Need to rework Driver Health to not store status information in the driver's manifest.
373303Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Exporting Entitlements driver causes dynamic filter evaluation on exported RBE policies.
372819Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Add support for importing and exporting DirXML-idPolicyContainer and DirXML-idPolicy objects.
369830Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) JavaScript error in the Status Log property page
368217Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXML: Suggested improvements to the IDM View menus.
364170Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXMLPermit: Bad activation is let into the engine.
364032Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Label for new policy name on Create Policy window is wrong
363376Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Add support to render a DN as qualified-dot or qualified-slash.
358805Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: '<<Back' button is enabled in the first page of "Export Configuration"
358474Plugins-DirXML AdministrationError message " Driver Wizard - Error" is being displayed while creating Delimited Text Driver.
352269Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Blank space being accepted as a Library Name.
351036Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Need Custom Reciprocal Attribute Mappings link in Driver Overview
350702Plugins-DirXML AdministrationIncomplete help for Health configuration wizard
350699Plugins-DirXML AdministrationInspector: C_M1: Actions tab's sub menu in Health configuration wizard is not being displayed on the top when clicked.
350394Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Drag and Droppable <DIV> based dialogs leave artifact on drag in IE7.
350347Plugins-DirXML AdministrationIDM: iManager plugin needed for editing custom reciprocal attribute mappings
350029Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Remove all "Finish with Overview" stuff.
349911Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) When creating a new driver set, need to default with creating a partition on it.
349753Plugins-DirXML AdministrationInspector: Warning dialog displayed on clicking the Green tab twice is not being closed.
349475Plugins-DirXML AdministrationInspector: Driver Set Dashboard refresh option is not being highlighted.
348537Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Large Number of Users Unable to Migrate
348052Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Driver Configuration info not being displayed in the "Edit Properties" window of a Driver.
346262Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) C_M1: 'Activation Required' not displayed on driver status mouse-over
346259Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) C_M1: Backward Compatibility issues
346058Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) In IE, space given to IDM View's content frame is too large causing extra scroll bars.
344925Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Identity Manager Engine Control Values could not be copied from one server to another server
344803Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) IDM Overview Search In field won't work with extended characters
344042Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Specifying non-container for driver set search doesn't give an error
344009Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXMLPermit: C_M1: '<<Back' button is enabled in the first page of "Activation Installation Wizard" .
343659Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) C_M1:Information not being displayed on opening the Help window in Identity Manager Overview page
343264Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) C_M1:No action being performed on clicking the "Activation required Note “ Button.
343260Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) C_M1:Clicking on the ‘expand driver overview’ icon, does not open the Driver overview page properly.
342836Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Driver Health and Statistics - Add actions to the threshold configuration
341277Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: iManager doesn't import changes in Driver filter
340365Plugins-DirXML AdministrationHelp needs to be written for new UI
340308Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Unclear scope specification in Commercial CMS preconfig screen
340307Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Misspelled word in scope specification in Commercial CMS preconfig screen - "decendents" should be "descendents"
338267Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXMLRules: Issues with schema maps and Libraries
338263Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) incorrect text on Library policies tab
336099Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Fix findbugs errors in Dataflow plug-ins
336087Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Fix findbugs errors in IDM Overview plug-in
336080Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Fix findbugs errors in driver filter plug-in
329099Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML)Add Dashboard tab to the Driver Set page
329041Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDWiz: Entered passwords shown in cleartext when page reloads
310326Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDoc: Write help files for health checking (configuration and display.)
306740Plugins-DirXML AdministrationMD:IDM Plug-ins: Should "DirXML Script" be localized?
304554Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Make use of new "Get Driver Stats" IDM engine API in the plug-ins.
297410Plugins-DirXML AdministrationIDM Plug-ins: Want driver set named passwords with inheritance like GCVs
282045Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Re-work "Excluded Objects" page to make use of JClient.readReference() calls
235978Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Show the name of a driver's "Tao file".
200746Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Can't tell progress of iManager portion of Migrate from Identity Vault
132959Plugins-DirXML AdministrationDirXMLFilter: Optimize modifications to Identity Manager: should be Identity Vault
132332Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML)Add buttons to driver set overview
10906Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) Creating a Driver in a new DriverSet returns you to the "Create Driver Wizard"
10891Plugins-DirXML Administration(DirXML) In the Driver Overview page, provide a date/time picker for the Sync operation.
336091Plugins-Email Notification Config(Pwd) Fix findbugs errors in eMail Template plug-ins
383019Plugins-FanoutFanOutWeb.npm bundled in the IDMPlugins_IMAN_2_7_IDM_3_5_1.npm doesn't install
405848Plugins-InspectorInspector: Health config scrollbar doesn't make entire contents visible
398590Plugins-InspectorInspector: Health Configuration validation of DNs is sometimes inconsistent.
398159Plugins-Inspector(Jobs) Add a "Subscriber Channel Heartbeat" feature to the Driver Health job
396455Plugins-InspectorInspector: In the Driver health Configuration, reword the "Create a basic health configuration for it now." link
396452Plugins-InspectorInspector: When creating a new Driver Health condition, selector says "<Select an Action>"
393754Plugins-InspectorDWiz: Prompt for the email server's named password in the Driver Health Job's configuration file
392230Plugins-InspectorInspector: Occasionally, cannot scroll bottom of content into view in the Health Configuration page.
391308Plugins-InspectorInspector: Only allow active PRDs to be selected in the start workflow action
388772Plugins-InspectorUnlocalised text on Subscriber channel - Inspector tab
379828Plugins-InspectorInspector: Health Configuration ECMAScript action has a typo
375105Plugins-InspectorInspector: Add "Driver Set Dashboard" task to iManager's "Help Desk" role.
373391Plugins-InspectorInspector: Need to rework Driver Health to not store status information in the driver's manifest.
372720Plugins-InspectorInspector: Make the "fading" optional in the Driver Set Dashboard.
372452Plugins-InspectorInspector: If possible, allow the driver set dashboard to be run by non-administrative users.
364076Plugins-InspectorInspector: Add clipboard support to the Health Check Configuration plug-ins.
361229Plugins-InspectorInspector: Add ability to "page" results in the Driver Inspector.
351016Plugins-InspectorInspector: Current state of the Driver and Close(X) links are not being displayed on clicking 'Expand this section' icon.
340055Plugins-InspectorInspector: Driver Set Dashboard: Add a checkmark next to the currently selected refresh and show actions in the menu.
340053Plugins-InspectorInspector: Driver Inspector: Add a checkmark next to the currently selected filter item in the actions menu.
340030Plugins-InspectorInspector: Driver Cache Inspector: Add a checkmark next to the currently selected show menu item.
330107Plugins-InspectorInspector: Driver Health and Statistics - Add actions to the threshold configuration
327864Plugins-InspectorDoc: Write help files for the "Driver Set Dashboard"
300728Plugins-InspectorMD : Driver inspector screen, details, incorrect translation
300719Plugins-InspectorMD : Driver cache inspector dialog, Actions menu, Go to, incorrect punctuation
300715Plugins-InspectorMD : Object inspector, Object history icon description, incorrect translation
300626Plugins-InspectorMD : Incorrect syntax
296789Plugins-InspectorMD : Missing spaces before colons in Driver Inspector - Association Summary
405490Plugins-Job Scheduler(Jobs) In the Driver Health Jobs, need to cancel response to subscriber heartbeat query
393756Plugins-Job Scheduler(Pwd) Entering email info, <tab> doesn't move to next field
393614Plugins-Job Scheduler(Jobs) Need to prompt for an email server password along with the email server.
383080Plugins-Job Scheduler(Jobs) Can't tell if named password has been set on a job
379928Plugins-Job SchedulerMD: English text in Identity Manager Overview section in Jobs tab.
359066Plugins-Job Scheduler(Jobs) When deleting a job object, abort the job if it's running before deleting it.
346884Plugins-Job Scheduler(Jobs) Password entry field cut off when editing job in a Property Book.
336088Plugins-Job Scheduler(Jobs) Fix findbugs errors in Job Scheduler plug-in
284496Plugins-Job Scheduler(Jobs) IDM Job 'Get status' message confusing
399811Plugins-OtherTranslation issue in German IDM 3.5.1 plugins
398230Plugins-Other(DirXML) One Moment Please dialog appears below other dialogs
394498Plugins-OtherMD:All_Langs:Unlocalised text under Mandatory Parameters tab in UserApp
394486Plugins-OtherMD:Driver:JP: Truncated text in dirver set overview
393919Plugins-OtherMD:Inconsistency text in Ad Driver summary page
392690Plugins-OtherIDM Plug-ins: Unexpected "page contains secure and unsecure items" message on IE
388611Plugins-OtherUnlocalised text on Provisioning Team request wizard step 3
385932Plugins-OtherMeta Directory : 20080429 : ZHCN : Incorrect translation
385923Plugins-OtherMeta Directory : 20080429 : ZHCN : Incorrect translation
385798Plugins-Other(DirXML) Need Help call on Driver Set Misc page
384556Plugins-OtherDWiz: DriverHealth job doesn't show up in list of IDM 3.6 configurations
384279Plugins-Other(DirXML) Need a progress bar to track migrate operations
383378Plugins-Other'Overview' tab doesn't get active
383268Plugins-Other(DirXML) IDM_Caribou_MetaDir_ICR_01_Create_Driver_Set_Library_New_dialog_Random_container_message
383160Plugins-OtherIDM 3.6.1 (Caribou) - MetaDir : linguistic ZH_CN Incorrect translations
383158Plugins-OtherIDM 3.6.1 (Caribou) - MetaDir : linguistic ZH_CN Incorrect translations
383156Plugins-OtherIDM 3.6.1 (Caribou) - MetaDir : linguistic ZH_CN Incorrect translations
383153Plugins-OtherIDM 3.6.1 (Caribou) - MetaDir : linguistic ZH_CN Incorrect translations
383145Plugins-OtherIDM 3.6.1 (Caribou) - MetaDir : linguistic ZH_CN Incorrect translations
383130Plugins-OtherTranslation is better to be replaced.
383104Plugins-OtherTranslation inconsistent
380815Plugins-OtherEnglish text on object inspector Actions menu
369426Plugins-OtherDSP: Add support for the ID-Provider driver to the Driver Specific Plug-ins module.
356309Plugins-OtherIDM Plug-ins: Build Broken.
352154Plugins-OtherDirXML: Support for DirXML-TraceFileEncoding needed.
310029Plugins-OtherSharedContent: SharedTabs.js implementation needs to provide a validation hook
215989Plugins-OtherInspector: Requirement 1.9.3 - Allow administrator to view all the entitlements for a user.
196396Plugins-Other(DirXML) Task 1.18.2: Implement new IDM overview page
115486Plugins-OtherDirXMLPermit: Clicking "Back" on Install Activation Wizard does not go back to appropriate page when multiple servers are assigned to the driver set
407200Plugins-Password Administration(PWD) In the "Check Password Status" page, string id is being displayed instead of the string
389799Plugins-Password AdministrationPwd: Help in “Set Universal Password” page is not getting opened.
384946Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.
380422Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) New Password Policy created with error.
365559Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) No action is performed when attempting to open the link “Password Management Administration Guide” in Password Policy Wizard.
360537Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) Unable to create Password Policy when Forgotten Password feature is Disabled.
360511Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) 'Last Modified Date' is not being displayed while modifying Password Policy
344574Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) C_M1:Entering dots for challenge set name directs to the iManager home page
344425Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) Password Management plugin -- "Password Policies" assignment list is not sorted, creating a difficult list to navigate and validate individual assignments the longer it gets
336093Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) Fix findbugs errors in Password Management plug-ins
336092Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) Fix findbugs errors in Password Sync plug-ins
329527Plugins-Password AdministrationCheck Password Status on a user shows Syncronized instead of driver down
325746Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd)Add "Description" and "Policy Assignment" columns in the password policies page
278830Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd) Passwords role | Set Universal Password Task needs "Simple Selection" object finding method added
276556Plugins-Password Administration(Pwd)(Password Policy – Universal Password – Advanced Password Rules) providing invalid values in the “Limit the number of grace logins allowed” throws an alert message but the invalid values are getting saved.
399504Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Incorrect ordering of old password & new password field while using do-set-dest-password and do-set-src-password actions
396593Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Offset unit drop-down in convert time token reverts to Days
391307Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Only allow active PRDs to be selected in the start workflow action
380587Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: offset-units should be offset-unit in convert time token
380279Plugins-Policy BuilderIncorrect button title in Identity Manager Policy dialog for Publisher and Subscriber
380276Plugins-Policy BuilderEnglish text in Edit menu for Identity Manager Policy dialog
376157Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: For token-generate-password, attribute policy-dn is optional
364110Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXML: Enhance mapping table editor.
362064Plugins-Policy Builder(DirXML) Policy builder in iManager shows localization problem. Remove and Delete shows the same "削除" in Japanese
359743Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Allow specification of old password on do-set-dest-password/do-set-src-password
359587Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Implement extensions to <token-convert-time> in policy builder
358973Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Add support for default-value attribute on <token-map>
354898Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Need UI to support new Roles Provisioning DirXML-Script
336381Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Comment buttons in Policy Builder need to be larger/more noticiable
310462Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Un-localize Policy Builder DirXML Script specific strings
301969Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Local variables with driver scope that are set in included policies are not shown in list
229544Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Path does not change in iManager plugin when relative box is checked/unchecked
229178Plugins-Policy BuilderDirXMLScript: Format code selector for Time and Convert Time tokens would be more useful with groupings
409321Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: Re-evaluate Membership on an imported Role-Based Entitlement policy says "no members"
379221Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: Port RBE policy handling optimzations from bug#373303 into the RBE plug-ins.
363398Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: iManager timeout opening entitlement
359518Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: Error message " GetMemberShipData() " is being displayed on clicking the <<Back button in the Fourth page of the Entitlement Policy Creation.
337620Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: Remove modules that were duplicated (copied) from DirXMLCommon
332713Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: Need the plugin to handle the fix for filtered replicas in bug 306741
132137Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsMD: IDM3_LOC:20051026:FR:Untranslated text in Define Dymanic Membership error message
10936Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: History drop-down for "Confirm membership of a user" doesn't include viewed users.
10939Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: Newline (\n) not working in tooltip on Edit Static Members in Firefox
10932Plugins-Role-Based EntitlementsSP: Change title of Step 5 (Assigned Rights to Objects) to "Assign Rights to Objects"
400019Plugins-User Password ManagementINTL: Incorrect German translation in the UP Policies
380400Plugins-User Password Management"Description" and 'Assignments' column headers are not localised in Password Policies
346177Plugins-User Password Management(Pwd) C_M1:First tag name in the list is not being copied in an existing Email Template
344456Plugins-User Password Management(Pwd)"Set Universal Password" Task ALWAYS and incorrectly sorts to the top of the list when added to any Role
395279Plugins-Work Orderworkorder plugin says driver's driver set has no servers
349538Plugins-Work Order(WO) Workorder driver plug-in has issues dealing with multiple servers on a driver set.
340290Plugins-Work Order(WO) Cannot see all workorders when paging through them.
404145Plugins-WorkflowDoc: Missing two "Help" files for team support
393897Plugins-WorkflowMD:Correction in Provisioning Request Configuration task - RELATED TO BUG 186553
392827Plugins-WorkflowWF: Roles and Provisioning Icons Missing from IDM Engine Installation
387182Plugins-WorkflowEnglish text in 'Workflow'
380443Plugins-WorkflowEnglish text in Email templates for Workflow Administration
380427Plugins-WorkflowWF: Unexpected error in Workflow login process
380281Plugins-WorkflowWF: The system encountered an unknown error in Provisioning Team Request menu
376967Plugins-WorkflowWF: Fix help context ID used for Provisioning Team's and Define Team Rights panels.
370660Plugins-WorkflowDWiz: Prevent driver wizard from updating a User Application driver.
362262Plugins-WorkflowWF: Icons needed for iManager for new Attestation objects
360624Plugins-WorkflowWF: Ability to Search by Process ID in iManager Workflow Interface
347681Plugins-WorkflowWF: Validation of provisioning request definition should fail if one of the activities requires digital signature, but no link for this activity configured with digital signature support.
344956Plugins-WorkflowWF: When updating the srvprvLocalizedNames and srvprvLocalizedDescrs, sniff the attributes syntax to update
307338Plugins-WorkflowMD: Unlocalised comments in workflow details
307333Plugins-WorkflowMD: Unlocalised error message in workflow details
305474Plugins-WorkflowUA:IDM 3.5.1 Antelope : Mistranslation - Date Range
301547Plugins-WorkflowMD : Phrasing out of sync
235782Plugins-WorkflowMD:AFResources Untranslated text on Workflow filters dilaog
212714Plugins-WorkflowWF: Provisioning Team wizard should supply choices for category and PRD selection instead of it existing in another wizard
186553Plugins-WorkflowMD:Correction in Provisioning Request Configuration task
134115Plugins-WorkflowWF: When you click "Cancel" to quit the change of User Application Driver in iManager, it doesn't return to the previous page.
133681Plugins-WorkflowWF: Terminate option should display an error message when no workflow process has been selected
132228Plugins-WorkflowWF: Workflow terminated in the plugin shows status of retracted in the portal instead of something more descriptive
130347Plugins-WorkflowWF: In the Provisioning Request configuration plug-in, implement some type of filtering.
130346Plugins-WorkflowWF: In the Provisioning Request configuration panel, add a "Summary" action.
119469Plugins-WorkflowWF: Add "quick filter" to hide completed workflows to actions menu.
247499Provisioning-Approval Flow EngineMD:Spacing has not been maintained in the translated version of the email templates
302259Provisioning-Digital Signature SupportDigital Signature Administration should not invoke DSS admin api if there no changes were made for configuration.
190126Provisioning-DocumentationCapability to perform a provisioning request of N resources for M users
294160Provisioning-Install/BuildWebSphere Install UI Review Bugs
262990Provisioning-Install/BuildREQ: Support for User App on RHAT
380005Provisioning-RolesMD: RoleService driver is mostly untranslated
307615Provisioning-Web Application UISelection is not maintained when using the Container lookup portlet with a Provisioning Request Definition
252639Provisioning-Web Application UICNs for PRD names are not resolving to Display Name for delegate assignments
252634Provisioning-Web Application UIShould be able to double click items in the Available Requests list to add them to the Selected Requests lists
396698Remote Loader-EngineUnable to see the loaded jars in the trace screen(Remote Loader)
396682Remote Loader-EngineJVM options are not removing properly
396676Remote Loader-EngineRL instance are crashing
391153Remote Loader-Engineunable to start the instance after loading the classpath
388440Remote Loader-EngineRemote loader "Unable to load JVM"
385118Remote Loader-EngineUnable to create instance using Remote Loader
381110Remote Loader-EngineJava Remote Loader should ship with CommonDriverShim.jar.
74689Remote Loader-EngineInstallation of Remote Loader on AIX 5.3 is not working/ RL not running stable on AIX 5.3
399950Remote Loader-GUIClasspath is not loading in the configuration file
300131Remote Loader-GUIMD:Remote Loader Console:Misaligned text
240139Remote Loader-GUIMD: The layout in the Remote Driver Configuration page for AD Driver is not friendly.
379619Utilitiesenglish text in New Driver Wizard for Identity Manager Utilities
379617UtilitiesEngish text in Driver Overview for Dataflow
305221UtilitiesUA : English full stop is used
301768UtilitiesUA: Help feature is not localised.
300742UtilitiesMD : IDM Administration list, check password status link, incorrect translation