BSLM Portal cache

  • 7003897
  • 16-Jul-2009
  • 11-Jul-2012


Business Service Level Management 4.0
Business Service Level Management 4.5


This TID explains how to enable cache for "Child Availability" calculation in SLA Availabilty status portlet of Business Service Dashboard. This configuration will only affect "Viewable Elements" mode of the portlet.


Create in ~ManagedObjects/config directory if it doesn't exist
Add the following lines to the file:
# To be used by Availability status report-->Viewable Elements-->child availability/downtime selection
# These settings will enable cache and speed things up from portal side results
# Value in minutes.
# Value in hours.

Additional Information

cacheTimeout is the refresh period for the cache. In other words portal will fetch the new contents after this period of time.
cacheAgeOut indicates the time for cache expiration. If the cached contents are not accessed for the time specified by cacheAgeOut then they cache will be cleared away.