How to clear NCP connections on OES 2 Linux

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  • 14-Jul-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux


How can NCP connections be cleared on OES 2 Linux?


NCP connections can be cleared from either ncpcon at the server console terminal or via Novell remote manager.

Clearing connections with ncpcon:

Open a terminal shell and type:  ncpcon  [ENTER]

Do the following to get help detail on listing and clearing connections from within the ncpcon interface:

help connection  [ENTER]
help connection list  [ENTER]
help connection clear  [ENTER]

These same commands can be executed from the bash terminal shell prompt without entering ncpcon by doing the following:

Open a bash shell.
ncpcon help connection  [ENTER]
ncpcon help connection list  [ENTER]
ncpcon help connection clear  [ENTER]

Clearing a connection example:

From a bash shell prompt:

ncpcon connection list > outputfile.txt
Review the generated outputfile.txt  and determine the connection numbers to be cleared.
ncpcon connection clear <enter the desired connection number from the previous step>

Clearing connections with Novell Remote Manager (NRM):

Launch NRM from a web browser - (https://<server DNS or IP address:8009/).
Open "Manage NCP Services".
Click on "Manage Connections".
Put a check mark by all the connection numbers to be cleared.
Click the "Clear ALL marked connections" box.