Only server that was a Master for a partition is lost and now want to delete the partition

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  • 09-Jul-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Here are a few things to check first :
  1. Check if the crashed servers does not exist in the tree.
  2. Check if there is any other server that holds a real copy of the partition.
  3. Check if there any other server that has the subordinate of the replica from the crashed server.

Once the above check is done here are a few steps that need to be followed.
In most of the cases you will need to remove the crashed server from the tree.
  • Other servers in the tree hold a read/write replica of that partition:
    1. Make one of the server as the Master of that partition.
    2. Once the servers is Master then make sure that there are no errors in sync to other server.
  • Once of the server has a subordinate for the partition:
    1. Make one of the server that has the subordinate of that partition, as the Master.
    2. Use the following command:
      • ndsrepair -Ad -P -A
      • Check for server that has a Subordinate replica, select the number of the server to see if that server has a subordinate
      • Promote that server as the Master of the Partition, from the options select option number 5, to designate selected server as the Master for that replica
      • Once the server is promoted as Master check if there are any sync issues
      • To check if there are not sync issues, this can be checked using ndsrepair -T (Time), ndsrepair -E (Report sync), ndsrepair -C (Obituaries.)
    3. Once there are no sync issues, add a read / write replica on any other server.
    4. When the read / write replica goes in the ON state, merge the partition with its Parent.
    5. When the partition is merged with the parent, it will become a container.
    6. Now delete all the objects that are shown, the objects will be shown as the only server that was holding the replica for the partition was crashed.

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