NESP returns 300101010-esp during the authentication process

  • 7003792
  • 08-Jul-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Access Manager 3.1
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Workstation
Internet Explorer Version 7
Microsoft Office Version 2003 Service Pack 1


The Linux Access Gateway (LAG) embedded service provider (NESP) returns the error: 300101010-esp during the authentication process while calling a URL protected by NAM from within an MS Word Document.


This issue has been addressed to engineering and will be addressed with Novell Access Manager Service Pack 1.
The Linux Access Gateway will recover from a situation the browser client does not provide all Session Cookie situation.

Additional Information

MS Word does not pass on all session cookie information while passing control over to MS Internet Explorer IE. As soon as the browser client will be passed over to the LAG after a successful authentication at the Identity Provider with a SAML Artifact it will not send the session cookies set by the LAG (IPCZQ) / NESP (JSESSION) set before passing it over to the NIDP for authentication.