Connected to unsupported GroupWise Server, error on the Intellisync Mobile Suite.

  • 7003646
  • 26-Jun-2009
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 8
GroupWise Mobile Server 3.0


Intellisync Mobile Suite gives an error trying to connect to the GroupWise Post office version 8.0
After upgrading from GroupWise 7 to GroupWise 8, mail will not sync between the webpim and the Post Office.

Error: Connected to unsupported GroupWiser server: http://ipaddress:7191/soap; version 8.0.0; build: xxx. Required version: 7.0.1; build: 342


This has been discussed with Nokia.  Currently Nokia considers this to be working as designed, and so considers a fix to be considered a Enhancement Request to GMS.  Due to the short lifespan remaining on the GMS product, this will not be fixed.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:

On the server where you have the Intellisync Mobile Suite installed:
1. Open Admin Console.
2. Go to Intellisync Mobile Suite properties.
3. Choose Authentication and Click on Authentication Sources.
4. Click on New Create Groupwise.
5. Fill the GW system information and click OK.
6. User information is asked, you should fill using an existing GW user.

Actual Result: A message is displayed asking for oldest build (7.0.1 build
346), then the Source is added.

Expected result: Source should be added without problems.