How to change the location of the mail file created by the Lotus Notes Driver?

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  • 24-Jun-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager Driver - Lotus Notes


There is a need to place the Lotus Notes mail files for separate departments into their own directories when the user is created by the Novell Identity Manager Lotus Notes driver. On the driver configuration it is only possible to specify one location.


The "mail-file-subdir" XML element can be used to modify the location of the mail file during a new user creation. This element has to be placed into the document on the Subscriber channel, so the driver can pick it up and change the mail file location. A sample rule is included in the Additional Informations section.

Please note this is a sample rule and should need further customization depending on the environment!

Additional Information

    <description>Change the mailfile location</description>
                <if-op-attr name="mailfile-path" op="not-available"/>
            <do-set-xml-attr expression="../add[@class-name='User']" name="mail-file-subdir">
                    <token-text xml:space="preserve">mail\newdir\test</token-text>