Unable to install the YaST patterns after installation of OES2 SP1 and an update with ZLM

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  • 24-Jun-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux


OES2 SP1 is installed and the server is integrated to ZENworks Linux Management (ZLM). Afterwards the server is updated with ZLM.
Installation of a YaST pattern does not succeed.
For instance, an attempt  to install a YaST pattern e.g. "Novell DNS" did not succeed because of unresolvable dependencies; the YaST message looks like:
"Can't satisfy requirement libdns.so.25()(64 bit) for bind-utils"


Type "ZENworks" is a special repository type that is only supported by ZLM. libzypp, zypper and YaST will not work if the type ZENworks is used. That is, YaST does not support ZLM (ZENworks) repositories.
When using "ZENworks" type repositories, installation must be done via rug or zen-installer. In both cases, make sure that the OES add-on Product metadata are installed; this can be done with "yast2 add-on".

Thus, 2 choices are offered to install a pattern:
  1. command line based installation with 'rug'
    "rug in -t pattern <PATTERN_NAME>"
    (Example: "rug in -t pattern novell-dns")
    Before running the above command, ensure that the OES add-on Product is added as a zypp source to ZMD; if source is added  to YaST, source synchronization would have taken care of that (can be checked with 'rug ca' ). If it is not the case, then add it as ZYPP source to ZMD. This can be done with
    "rug sub <CATALOG_NAME>"

  2. graphical ZLM client with 'zen-installer'
    Run the command `zen-installer` to launch the client or launch application "Install Software" from program menu. Keep in mind that 'zen-installer' shows package/patch/pattern only from the subscribed catalogs. If Catalog is not subscribed, you can subscribe to it by clickling on 'Configure' button in zen-installer.