How to delete and re-create a mirrored SBD (Cluster Services) partition on a NetWare 6.x Cluster

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  • 22-Jun-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.0
Novell NetWare 6.5
Novell NetWare Cluster Services 1.7
Novell NetWare Cluster Services 1.6
SBD Partition and NSS Pools are being mirrored between SAN devices.


Disk failure on one of the mirrored SAN Devices.
Recreate SBD Partition
SBD Partition is corrupt
How to delete and re-create a mirrored SBD (Cluster Services) partition on a NetWare 6.x Cluster


To re-create the mirrored SBD partition do the following steps :

- Down the cluster by issuing 'Cluster DOWN'  and 'ULDNCS' commands.

- Keep NetWare running on the first Cluster Node, and Down and Power Off the 2nd Cluster Node.

- Delete the remaining Cluster partition with, for example, ConsoleOne or NSSMU
  (Notice the Device ID this SBD partition is currently on for the re-creation in a later step)

- Verify that the devices to be used for the mirrored SBD are still marked as sharable. From within NSSMU select the "Devices" option, highlight each of the to be used devices and verify that "Sharable for Clustering: Yes" is displayed.

- On the first Node load the following NLMs : CLSTRLIB.NLM, VLL.NLM, SBDLIB.NLM (In this order !)

- Run 'SBD Install' on the server console
  (The system will now do a check for the SBD partition availability on the shared storage, should not find it as have we just deleted it, and tell you to run the SBD install command again)

- Run 'SBD Install' again and choose the First Device for the Mirrored SBD partition
  (Just press the desired number which is listed before the Device Number)

- Choose a valid number for the Second device of the Mirrored SBD partition.

After the creation of both SBD partitions you should now see the following message on the server console to confirm we have succesfully re-created a mirrored SBD partition:
 4-17-2003  11:24:56 am:    SERVER-5.60-1580  [nmID=B001A]
     All mirrored objects on this system are synchronized.

Additional Information

Customer is deploying a two node Novell Cluster on redundant Switches and SAN hardware.

In order to maintain the integrity from the SBD partition and the information it holds, it is not desired (or even possible) to leave the cluster running and re-create this same mirrored partition. We need to bring down the cluster in order to achieve the re-creation of the SBD partition.

Also note that the SBD contains no persistent information and there for in general it should not be needed to have this mirrored.

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