Users Can't authenticate into post office via LDAP

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  • 14-Jun-2009
  • 02-Aug-2013


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell NetWare 6.5
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10


Users Can't authenticate into post office via LDAP
POA fails to authenticate users via LDAP
Error on the POA authenticating through LDAP
Error: 80


Corrective Action:
Check if the certificates are valid or expired. If expired then make sure valid certificates are imported into the eDirectory and then Graft GroupWise Domain and Post Offices in the tree. Also Make sure if the certificates specified with the LDAP settings for Post Office in ConsoleOne - Tools - GroupWise Systems Operations - LDAP Server
Steps to Graft GroupWise Objects into the eDirectory 
1.  Highlight the NDS Container Object where you would like to graft the objects.
2.  Move to Tools | GroupWise Utilities | GW/NDS Association | Graft GroupWise Objects.
3.  Choose Domains, post offices, and gateways.  Click Next.
4.  Click Next at the Overview.
5.  Choose the domain you would like to graft from the list provided.  You will only be able to choose one.
6.  Click Next.
7.  Note the context.  If the domain already exists in this context it will be grayed out and you will not be able to change it. 
     If it does not exist, you will be able to change the domain context if you so choose at this time.
8.  Click Next.
9.  Note the post office contexts.  If they already exist in the contexts, you will not be able to change them.  If they do not
     exist, you will be able to change the contexts of all PO's underneath the domain at your discretion.
10.  Click Next.
11.  The Summary screen will show what you have chosen.  Click Finish to proceed and finally click Done to exit out of
       grafting screen dialog

Additional Information

The error occurs when eDirectory certificates have expired and/or new certificates have been issued to eDirectory AND/OR GroupWise is associated with New Tree but the certificates are pointing to old tree.