Identity Manager Health Job does not function fully and throws no errors in iManager

  • 7003519
  • 11-Jun-2009
  • 10-Jun-2013


Novell Identity Manager 3.6.1


When setting up the Health Job for Identity Manager (IDM) drivers the job starts and stops properly via iManager but the status of the health of drivers never changes from red.  Looking at a trace of the job startup shows the following and then nothing afterward:

[06/09/09 09:37:34.450]:Driver Health JT:Worker thread for job '\TREENAME\system\service\idm\driverset0\Driver Health' starting.
[06/09/09 09:37:34.452]:Driver Health JT:: Check Driver Health Job, version
[06/09/09 09:37:34.472]:Driver Health JT:Worker thread for job '\TREENAME\system\service\idm\driverset0\Driver Health' exiting.
[06/09/09 09:37:34.558]:Driver Health JT:Worker thread for job '\TREENAME\system\service\idm\driverset0\Driver Health' starting.
[06/09/09 09:37:34.566]:Driver Health JT:: Check Driver Health Job, version
[06/09/09 09:37:34.618]:Driver Health JT:: Beginning execution...

The lines indicating the process is checking drivers never appear as follows:

[06/11/09 09:37:35.239]:Driver Health JT:: Processing object '\TREENAME\system\service\idm\driverset0\Entitlement Value Adder'

The health job has the scope set for the driver and the user specified in the job has adequate rights to the tree.


Verify that [Public] has Browse access to [Entry Rights] for the entire DriverSet in which IDM is running.  By default eDirectory ships with Browse access to [Entry Rights] granted to [Public] for the entire tree in the [root] (tree) object's Access Control List (ACL).  If that has been modified then these rights must specifically be given back for the health job to function properly.  Assign this using iManager or ConsoleOne by going to the DriverSet object and adding a trustee of [Public].  Remove access for 'All Attribute Rights' and leave the Entry Rights entry with 'Browse' selected.  Be sure to use 'Ok' to save changes.

Restart eDirectory for all changes to be applied if needed.  This has been resolved in IDM v3.6.1 FP2