Moving a GroupWise Library to a new OU or Organizational Unit

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  • 09-Jun-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8


Moving a GroupWise library to a new OU:
Usually when you move a library you are also moving the post office to a new OU as well.  There is a very good TID describing how to do this TID 2944422
If you simply desire to move only the library follow the steps below:

  1. As a precaution back up the Wpdomain.db for the primary domain by copying it to a safe location.
  2. In ConesoleOne without GroupWise snap-ins (Unsnapped) delete the libraries you desire to move. In the unsnapped version of ConsoleOne your GroupWise objects will appear Question marks or unidentified objects.  They will not appear as the usual domain, post office, or library objects.
  3. In ConsoleOne with the proper GroupWise snap-ins (snapped-in) graft in the Domains, Post offices and Gateways by doing the following.
  4. Highlight the  NDS OU where you desire to move the Library.
  5. Right Click the OU and Select GroupWise Utilities | GW / Edirectory Association | Graft GroupWise Objects.
  6. Choose to Graft Domains, Post Offices and Gateways (even though you are not moving these objects it is necessary to graft them in order that the library will graft correctly to its new OU.)
  7. On the Domain context page in the Graft Utility note the message stating the "Domain Object already exists in the above context and cannot be changed."  Click Next and finish the graft.
  8. Without closing the graft Utility choose to graft more objects.
  9. Choose aerial button to Graft the Users, Resources & Distribution Lists.  Click the Next button and note the Select Objects Screen. 
  10. Insure Libraries is checked and all other objects are unchecked if you are not also moving them.
  11. Finish
  12. The Libraries should now show in the new NDS OU.

Additional Information

NOTE:  It is necessary to Graft in the Domain, Post Office and Gateways and then without closing the grafting Utility graft the Users, Resources & Distribution Lists. The Graft Utility will allow you to select or deselect the Users, Resources, Distribution Lists and Libraries separately, be sure to select the aerial button for libraries and uncheck the others.