Error D15B when trying to change the password from a Messenger chat room

  • 7003409
  • 01-Jun-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Messenger 1.0
Novell GroupWise Messenger 2.0


Trying to change the password for a chat room reports the error:
"GroupWise Messenger has experienced a problem. Please note error code 0xd15b".
The messenger agent log shows:
"10:29:18 27D SPL Request (Change Chat Password) [0xD15B]: CN=USERID,OU=Corp,OU=Company,O=Dept - Write failed due to directory mismatch."


The NetWare server running the Messenger Agent did not have an eDirectory replica.  Adding an eDirectory replica to this server resolved the issue.

Additional Information

Tried loading the Messenger Agent with  /dirreplicaipaddr-x.x.x.x  &  /diruserforcedirect but this didn't help.