Problems updating pool and volume objects in NSSMU

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  • 06-Apr-2012
  • 05-Jun-2013


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux Support Pack 3
March 2012 Maintenance Release for OES2 SP3


Trying to update eDirectory object for pool or volume using NSSMU | F8 | F4 produces the following Error: Write Error


Fixed RPM: novell-ncpns
Fix has been released with the July 2012 OES Maintenance update (oes2sp3-July-2012-Scheduled-Maintenance)


This is caused by the segfault in adminusd.  We are making a call to MapGUIDToRemoteDN which is always returning a 0 but should return an error in the case the DN length is zero.
If the object doesn't exist, the null value was being passed to adminusd and causing the segfault.

Additional Information

Information from /var/log/messages
kernel: adminusd[16274]: segfault at 00007fff3a14a000 rip 00002ae16d8e891f rsp 00007fff3a147620 error 6

adminus daemon: Adminusd proc: zero length read.
adminus daemon: adminusd: Handling function aborted
kernel: VFS: Read - num bytes=4096 offset=0 pid=14299
kernel: READ DATA (pid=14299)=<writeResult>
kernel: <error>zERR_USER_ABORTED(20017)</error>
kernel: </writeResult>