Page cannot be displayed while logging in to Webpim at Internal IP of Mobile Server

  • 7003325
  • 21-May-2009
  • 10-Dec-2013


Novell GroupWise 8
GroupWise Mobile Server


GroupWise Mobile server users cannot access the WebPim via the Internal IP address of the Mobile server.
Access to the WebPim is only available via the External Secure Gateway IP address.


The Local GroupWise Mobile Server IP address and Port needs to be added to the setting for Secure Gateways.
Steps to correct:
1) Open Admin Console for Mobile server
2) Go to Properties of the Intellisync Mobile Server object
3) Go to the Secure Gateway tab
4) Add http://localhost:80

This setting tells GroupWise Mobile server what the local Secure Gateway resides.  All secure Gateway must be added to the above setting.