GWCheck special options available in 6.0.1 and later Code.

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  • 17-May-2009
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Novell GroupWise
Stand alone GWCheck


GWCheck special options available in 6.0.1 and later Code.


Below are the stand alone GWCheck support options (available only with SP1 or later GWCheck). To run the support option, run the stand alone GWCheck, click on the MISC tab and type in the option (eg: PROXYFIX) in the field under "Support Options:"

  • ATTCLIP - removes references of lost attachment files.
  • ITEMPURG - (alias subjectpurge) - purge items if subject matches.
  • MAPICLEANUP - MAPI cleanup.
  • NOSUBJECTPURGE - purge LIN_RECORD if it doesn't have a SUBJECT_TEXT.
  • PABFIX - Fix bad addresses.
  • PABCHANGEFIX - changes group & all members if another non-case-sensitive group exists.
  • PABONLY - stop check after personal address book verification.
  • PABSKIP (alias skippab) - skip personal address book check.
  • PROXYFIX - Removes all duplicate user from proxy access lists created by 5.2 to 5.5 upgrade.
  • PROXYMINRESET - Removes all minimum user access records.
  • RESETMOVE - Check the user store for move in progress flag in VERIFICATION_RECORD and clip.
  • SETUPMODE (alias setonly) - setup mode.
  • SUBJECTLIST - list all subjects in message databases, creates file SUBDUMP.
  • SUBJECTPURGE - To use type "SUBJECTPURGE = subject line here".  
For more information see KB 7003292, Removing messages from the message and user database with GWCheck.
  • VERIFYMODE (alias vrfixup)    - verification mode (force repairing verification record).
  • DELSUBSCRIBERECORDS - Fixes subscriber records in Notify list.

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