ERROR License.Client - Connect to license server failed

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  • 14-May-2009
  • 16-Mar-2012


Business Service Management 4.5


Formula server not starting.

Error in the ManagedObjects/logs/formula.trc trying to start formula server using mosstart Formula.

ERROR License.Client - Connect to license server failed org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextPackage.NotFound:
    at org.omg.CosNaming._NamingContextStub.resolve(
    at com.mosol.util.CORBA.Naming.findObject(
    at com.mosol.license.client.LicenseClient.connect(
    at com.mosol.Formula.Server.ServerImpl.verifyLicense(
ERROR Server - Error occurred while verifying license: java.lang.Exception: Cannot connect to license server: com.mosol.license.client.LicensingException: Unable to connect to licensing service:

During the Managed Objects installation, the license.dat was browsed to in a structure other than the formula users home directory.

No license.dat file exists in the /home/formula/ManagedObjects/config directory

/home/formula/ManagedObjects/config/ contains License.Repository=/home/formula/ManagedObjects/config/license.dat

Note: /home/formula is the location where the ManagedObjects directory was installed.  It maybe different if a different structure was used during the installation.


To resolve:

Copy the license.dat to the ManagedObjects/config directory.

Set the permissions on the license.dat file to allow read access by the user running the mosdaemon and formula server.
EX:  chmod +r license.dat; chown formula license.dat

Restart the mosdaemon.
From the ManagedObjects/bin directory run:
./mosstart Formula