Novell GroupWise Internet Agent (GWIA) - Security Vulnerability in Email Address Processing

  • 7003273
  • 14-May-2009
  • 08-Nov-2012


GroupWise Internet Agent
GroupWise 7.0 up to (and including) 7.03 HP2
GroupWise 8.0 up to (and including) 8.0.0 HP1



A vulnerability exists in the Novell GroupWise Internet Agent, in the way it processes email addresses in the SMTP protocol. Exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to arbitrary code execution with SYSTEM privileges.

This vulnerability was discovered and reported by Nicolas Joly - VUPEN Security ( / VUPEN-SR-2009-002). 

Novell bug 482914, CVE-2009-1636.


To resolve this issue:
For GroupWise 7.x systems, apply GroupWise 7.03 Hot Patch 3 (HP3) or later
For GroupWise 8.0 systems, apply GroupWise 8.0 Hot Patch 2 (HP2) or later


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