OES2: Adding OES 2 SP1 to an existing and updated SLES 10 SP2 server

  • 7003264
  • 14-May-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 2


After updating SLES 10 SP2 via online updates, OES 2 SP1 Add-on product will not install with out rolling-back or backing out certain updates. Error messages about "atom:" packages may be presented.


For most installations, Novell NTS suggests that you install OES 2 SP1 with SLES 10 SP2 at the same time, or on a fresh, un-updated SLES 10 SP2 server.

The dependency situation happens as a result of certain EVMS patches in the SLES 10 SP2 channel. OES 2 SP1 has it owns catalog that is not subscribed until you add OES 2 SP1 as an add-on product. Certain packages like NSS rely on certain versions of EVMS. As a result adding OES 2 SP1 to an updated SLES 10 SP2 can fail.

The following steps will help you to add OES 2 SP1 to an updated SLES 10 SP2 Server:
  • Use YaST Add-on Product (yast2 add-on) to add the product.
  • When presented with the Package Manager, DO NOT install any components. Click "Accept". About 250M of software will be installed, including several online updates.
  • When prFull Screenesented with the screen with the title "Novell Open Enterprise Server Configuration" click "enable" to disable under "LDAP Configuration for Open Enterprise Services" and then click "next".
  • You will presented with a screen for "Novell Customer Center Configuration". Register the server again.
  • Click "finish"
  • Go back into YaST OES Install and Configuration and install the components you need.
  • When you configure eDirectory, you will see a message about removing a LDAP server; this message can be ignored.