PatchDB.bat fails to start because of java compatibility error

  • 7003245
  • 11-May-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Sentinel 6.1 SP1
MSSQL 2000 or 2005


While installing Sentinel 6.1 SP1 it is required that the script PatchDB.bat be run, but PatchDB.bat may encounter a java error stating there is not a compatible java version installed.  This usually happens when Sentinel services are not installed on the database server.

Running PatchDB.bat produces an error about the temp directory.


PatchDB.bat requires that the %ESEC_JAVA_HOME% directory be set to a valid version of java for Sentinel.  If Sentinel installer was run on the server, there will be a version already laid down on the file system.

Check to see if the environment variable %ESEC_HOME% is set, if it is, there will be a jre directory in the %ESEC_HOME% and set the %ESEC_JAVA_HOME% varible to the ../jre/bin directory.  If %ESEC_HOME% is not set, look for a ../Novell/Sentinel6 directory.  %ESEC_HOME% should be set to the Sentinel6 directory.

If none of the above is found, it is typically because the database server (MSSQL) is not the same server that Sentinel services are installed on.

The simplest fix is to install the Sentinel Database Manager from the Sentinel Installer on the MSSQL server.  This will create the %ESEC_HOME% and the %ESEC_JAVA_HOME% needed and will also provide an SDM when needed.  This is a minimal install that will not require a lot of disk space.  Once this has been installed, try the PatchDB.bat again.

It is also possible that the %TEMP% directory cannot be found and you will get an error about the temp directory.  To fix this issues, simply set %TEMP% to something like C:/TEMP.

If you still encounter errors, look over the PatchDB.bat and determine if you have other environment issues to resolve.