Java Remote Loader for LDAP Driver fails to load on Solaris Server

  • 7003239
  • 10-May-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.6
Sun Solaris 10


Novell Identity Manager 3.6 Java Remote Loader for LDAP Driver on Solaris 10 server fails to load
Remote Loader log file shows following error messages

Remote Loader: Unable to create instance of com.novell.nds.dirxml.driver.ldap.LDAPDriverShim
Remote Loader: Exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException
Unable to create driver: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException


1. Create a folder for Remote Loader as "root" (Use /opt/idm as example)
2. Install Java Remote Loader on the Solaris Server by performing steps mentioned under section "7.3.5 Installing Java Remote Loader on UNIX, Linux, or AIX" of the Installation Guide
3. Configure Remote Loader for Linux/Unix by creating a Configuration file as mentioned in the Remote Loader Guide
  • Create the Configuration file at least with following parameters: -commandport, -connection, -trace, -tracefile and -class
  • Find out the Java Class Names from Table A-2 of the Remote Loader Configuration Options Link
4. Switch to the Remote Loader folder and set Remote Loader passwords as mentioned under Step 1 of the section "4.13 Starting remote Loader on Solaris, Linux, or AIX" of the Remote Loader Guide
  • Don't start the Remote Loader at this point.
  • Folder /opt/idm will have two password files, dpwdxxxx and dpwdxxxx
  • Remote Loader has to be started later using the command "dirxml_jremote"
5. Copy required .jar files to the Remote Loader sub-directory "lib" as follows.
  • Mount the Identity Manager media on the Solaris Server
  • Open a terminal and switch to the sub-directory solaris/setup/packages of the Identity Manager installation media.
  • Extract the package DXMLbase.pkg: pkgtrans DXMLbase.pkg /tmp
  • Browse to the folder /tmp/DXMLbase/reloc/$BASEDIR/lib/dirxml/classes
  • Copy following files to the /opt/idm/lib directory: ldap.jar, CommonDriverShim.jar and jdbm-0.12.jar
6. Start Remote Loader by executing the command mentioned under Step 2 of the section "4.13 Starting remote Loader on Solaris, Linux, or AIX" of the Remote Loader Guide
  • Switch to the Remote Loader folder: cd /opt/idm
  • Start Remote Loader: ./dirxml_jremote -config <Path_To_The _Configuration_File>
  • Add a "SPACE" followed by "&" to the above mentioned command, to run the Remote Loader as a background application (Optional)
7. Execute following commands and make sure that Remote Loader is loaded fine
  • Display the Process: ps -eaf | grep dirxml_jremote
  • Display status of ports defined in the Configuration File: netstat -a | grep <Port_Number

Additional Information

Make sure that the lib sub-directory under the Remote Loader folder (In this example /opt/idm/lib) have following .jar files prior to start the Remote Loader.
  • LDAPShim.jar
  • LDAPUtil.jar
  • ldap.jar
  • CommonDriverShim.jar
  • jdbm-0.12.jar