Tlaunch not terminating as expected

  • 7003204
  • 06-Apr-2012
  • 10-Oct-2013


Novell SecureLogin 7 SP2
Upgrade from SecureLogin 6


After upgrading workstations terminal emulation scripts and definitions continue to work without problems. But tlaunch is not terminating and are remaining resident in memory. If you restart the session, a new tlaunch.exe process is started. This activity slowly fills up existing memory of the workstation until it becomes unusable.


Fixed in NSL7.0.3 HF2 or later.

Also, be sure to include the "/c" (close on errors) parameter in the tlaunch command.
e.g. Run C:\Progra~1\Novell\SecureLogin\tlaunch.exe /auto /b /eAttachmate Extra  /l /pMyEmulator /q /s /c