Resource records do not resolve even after a restart of the novell-named daemon

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  • 04-May-2009
  • 07-May-2012


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Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2) Linux
Novell iManager


Add a resource record to a DNS zone in iManager and restart the novell-named daemon.
Even though the resource record has been added to the zone in eDirectory the record will not resolve.

The same can be true if you add a resource record using the DNS/DHCP Management console.


Remember to click the Done button on the Create Resource Record screen after you add a resource record if you are using iManager, or the "Refresh" button if you are using the DNS/DHCP management console.

Or you can delete the /etc/opt/novell/named/<zone>.db file after adding a resource record to that zone and the next time the novell-named daemon is restarted or the Dynamic Reconfig process kicks off, the zone will be updated.

Additional Information

The root of the problem is that even though the resource record was added to eDirectory the Serial number on the zone has not been updated.

Steps to Duplicate:
Launch iManager
Select the DNS plug in
Select Zone Management > View Modify Zone > OK > Select a zone > OK > Next > Next > Next > take note of the serial number.
Select Resource Record Management > Create Resource Record > Select the zone or Domain to which the record is to be added > Create > provide an Owner name, and an IP address > OK.

At this point you are shown a message that says, "The Create Resource Record request succeeded"
If you go and check the Serial number for the zone it will still be the same as before.

Since the Serial number has not changed the cache and the local copy of the database for that zone will not be updated.

If you click on OK on the screen that tells you, "The Create Resource Record request succeeded" you will be taken back to the Create Resource Record screen.  At this point if you click on the Done button the Serial number will get updated.  Because the Serial number is now updated the zone will be updated the next time the daemon is restarted or the Dynamic Reconfig process kicks off. (The default for Dynamic Reconfig is every 15 minutes.)

If you delete the db files for the zones in question, restart named, and the db files are not recreated, then named is likely having trouble authenticating to eDir.  In that case TID:7003447 has the explanation and solution to this issue.