GWENN5.NLM abends in WpfPartialFreeField

  • 7003191
  • 30-Apr-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 7


The GroupWise POA TCP handler ABENDs a few times a week. The running process can show as GWTCP-PO-Handler_XX with an EIP in GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpfPartialFreeField+1E0. 

This ABEND has also been seen with an EIP in WpfAddFieldGivenField. 


A defect has been submitted to development for review.

Additional Information

P01# r
Exception Processor: 01
Current Focus Processor: 01
EAX = 00000100 EBX = 00000000 ECX = CAEE988F EDX = 00000100
ESI = 0000FFFF EDI = 00000000 EBP = C323E320 ESP = C323E30C
EIP = F4DED980 FLAGS = 00010246 (PF ZF IF RF)
F4DED980 66833800      CMP     [EAX], 0000

P01# ?
Address in GWENN5.NLM at code start +00361980h
Previous:  -000001E0  F4DED7A0 GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpfPartialFreeField
Current:    00000000  F4DED980
Next:      +00000020  F4DED9A0 GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpfFreeFieldPtr

P01# sw
Current EIP: F4DED980  GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpfPartialFreeField+1E0
C323E324  F4DED77D  GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpfFreeField+3D
C323E348  F4DED752  GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpfFreeField+12
C323E35C  F4D0DB9E  GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpeDListCursorDestroy+16E
C323E37C  F4D0DB4E  GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpeDListCursorDestroy+11E
C323E394  F4CEFAA0  GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpeCreateRecord+5810
C323E690  F4CE31E2  GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@WpeActionDispatch+5B2
C323E788  F3A4DB3B  GWPOA.NLM|<Start of CODE segment>+4EB3B
C323E990  F3A4BCD4  GWPOA.NLM|<Start of CODE segment>+4CCD4
C323EAF8  F3A941B1  GWPOA.NLM|<Start of CODE segment>+951B1
C323EF90  F4F45645  GWENN5.NLM|GWENN5@NgwThrdCreate+205
C323EFB0  F5169356  THREADS.NLM|getcmd+21E
C323EFD8  F516918C  THREADS.NLM|getcmd+54
C323EFF0  F5157730  THREADS.NLM|<Start of DATA segment>+2730
C323EFF4  8095D000  LIBC.NLM|<End of DATA segment>+4A9D1
Emulated 5000 and found no RET instruction
Function may never return.

P01# .r
Thread A5E81500: GWTCP-PO_L-Handler_46
Stack pointer: C323E30C
Stack limit: A5E820E0
C323E30C  00000000 00000100 C323E5BC 00000000  .... .... C#e< ....
C323E31C  CAEE988F C323E344 F4DED77D 00000000  Jn.. C#cD t^W} ....
C323E32C  00000000 0000FFFF 00000000 CAEE988F  .... .... .... Jn..

...Debug symbols are enabled!
    Running Process: GWTCP-PO_L-Handle Process
Stack dump exceeded the valid memory limit

Additional Information:
The CPU encountered a problem executing code in GWENN5.NLM.  The problem may be
in that module or in data passed to that module by a process owned by

GWENN5.NLM       GroupWise Engine (release version)
   Loaded from [LEDMAIL:\SYSTEM\]
  [15B] LEDSPACE address space
  Version 7.00.03   March 26, 2009
  Code Address: F4A8C000h  Length: 004C30E0h
  Data Address: F49B3000h  Length: 000D73C7h