Boot of server takes a long time

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  • 28-Apr-2009
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)
Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 2
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11


The initial boot of a server takes a longer time then expected.

There are many LUNs attached to the server.
There is a kernel parameter that contains: vga=0x


In the /boot/grub/menu.lst replace the complete kernel parameter that starts with vga= with vga=normal

Additional Information

If you also wants to see the complete boot process on your server screen, you could also remove the kernel parameter splash=silent in /boot/grub/menu.lst

Some test have been performed. With vga=0x317 it takes 4:10 minutes before the login prompt is present. With vga=normal it takes 1:20 minutes. (These times are dependent on hardware and what kind of installation you have).