How to Remove a server from a replica ring.

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How to Remove a server from a replica ring.


You remove a server from a replica ring if:
1) In preparation for or after you use DSREPAIR -xk2 on a server you want to remove from the ring.  See TID #7001592 - Manually Removing All Replicas From a Server for more info.
2) You removed DS from that server and you had to use -DSREMOVE.
3) The server was removed from the network and will not come back.
4) The replica was deleted from the server and the other servers in the replica ring were not notified of the change.              
To remove a server from the replica ring in NetWare
  1. LOAD DSREPAIR -A on the server that is the master of the partition in question.
  2. Go to Advanced Options - Replica and Partitions Operation
  3. Highlight the partition in question and enter twice to go view Replica ring
  4. Highlight the server to be removed from the replica ring and Press ENTER
  5. Choose option "Remove this server from the replica ring" and follow the prompts.

For Windows:

  1. Select the crashed server
  2. Select Partitions from the top drop down menu
  3. Select Replica Ring
  4. Select Remove server from replica ring.

For Linux: 

  1. On the Master for the partition in question do /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin/ndsrepair -P -Ad -a
  2. Select the partition (Enter the number corresponding to the partition)
  3. Select Option - 10 "view replica ring"
  4. Select the crashed server number and enter option 6 "Remove this server from the replica ring"

Note: Removing a server from a replica ring does not remove the replica from the server.

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