Error: "-169, Unable to copy DIB from NDS to NDT"

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  • 27-Apr-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


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Error: "-169, Unable to copy DIB from NDS to NDT"
Error: "-169" in DSREPAIR repair local database and the repair aborts.
Error: -732 "Could not open local database"
Error:  Unable to rename DIB from NDT to nds. Error: -632
Login scripts have disappeared
Users do not have login scripts
Container login scripts do not show up
Error: "-168" in DSREPAIR unattended full repair
Error: "-128" in dstrace screen.
User connections in MONITOR show .NDT files open in SYS:_NETWARE\


Possible fixes include:
1.  At the console prompt type "SET DSTRACE=*." (equal sign followed by an asterisk and a period). or  Unload and load DS
2.  Reboot the server, possibly more than once
3.  Remove and reinstall DS on the server
4.  Call Novell Technical Support (NDS team) to further troubleshoot this issue

Additional Information

A previous DSREPAIR was interrupted, causing DS to remain live with the NDT DIB set.

When performing a Repair Local Database with the "Use temporary NDS database during repair" option set to YES, the NDS.01 and NDS.DB files will temporarily be copied to NDT.01 and NDT.DB, in addition a NDT00000.LOG file is created.  After the NDT.01 and NDT.DB file is copied to NDO.01 and NDO.DB, the NDT.01, NDT.DB and NDT00000.LOG are deleted.  

If the process is not completed and the NDT files are not deleted, the next time a dsrepair is run, it will fail with a -168 error, or "Unable to copy DIB from NDS to NDT, error -169"
Formerly known as TID# 10060740