Replica stuck in new state - Transitive Vector entry missing.

  • 7003107
  • 27-Apr-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell Directory Services 8
Novell Directory Services 6


Replica stuck in new state.
Error:-761 in Report Sync and DSTRACE
The receiving server is receiving objects and gets an all processed=yes.
No other errors in the tree.


1.  Remove the replica from the problem server.  If you have fault tolerance for the replicas stored on this server, you can run a DSREPAIR -xk2 on the server following the instructions in  TID - 7001592 -  Manually Removing All Replicas From a Server.  If you don't, please call Novell Technical Support for further assistance.
2.  Add a R/W replica to the server that holds a subordinate reference and it will turn on.  It will add an entry for this server in the transitive vector attribute.
3.  Add the replica back to the problem server.

Additional Information

The transitive vector attribute did not have an entry for a server that holds a subordinate reference replica.  All servers in the replica ring should have an entry.
Troubleshooting steps
1. Do the following steps on every server that holds a replica of the partition where the replica is stuck in a new state.
2.  Load DSBROWSE | Partition Browse | Select the partition in question | F3 | View Attributes | Find the attribute Transitive Vector.
3.  Enter on the Transitive Vector attribute.  There should be an entry for every server that holds a replica, including all subordinate reference servers.  If there is not, follow the steps listed below.
Formerly known as TID# 10080646