Error -618, attempt to open local NDS database failed

  • 7003105
  • 27-Apr-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare (all versions)
Novell Directory Services




The error, in this instance, can be resolved using DSRepair.
In some cases you may need to identify the server/s returning the -618 Local error in Report Synchronization Status in DSREPAIR or DSTRACE.  Additionally you may need to remove all replicas manually from the server/s using TID #7001592 - USE CAUTION AND JUDGEMENT WHEN PERFORMING THIS OPERATION - CALL NOVELL TECHNICALL SUPPORT IF YOU DO NOT FEEL CERTAIN ABOUT PERFORMING THIS TYPE OF OPERATION!!!

Additional Information

An unexpected error condition has occurred on the source server.  This may be due to the following:
Problems with the local NDS database
Unexpected data returned from the local NDS database

An attempt to initialize (open) the local NDS database failed.   
An occurrence of this error during the NDS Limber background process can indicate replica ring discrepancies, in that the source server:
Does not have a replica attribute value for itself in at least one of the replica rings of the partitions held by the source server, or
Was unable to locate the replica attribute value identifying the server holding the Master replica of a partition held by the source server.

An attempt was made to change the Directory tree name to a name longer than 128 characters.
An attempt was made to restore an object as the [Root] of the Directory tree, when the existing object overwritten is not the [Root] object or does not have a base class of Top.
An attempt was made to access a record in the local NDS database that does not exist.  This error, in this instance, can be resolved using DSRepair.  For additional information on DSRepair, see Section V.
Formerly known as TID# 10010927