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  • 23-Apr-2009
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Novell NetWare


On March 7th, 2010, NetWare moved from the General Support to the Extended Support phase of the Novell Support Lifecycle. It is important to understand that the end of general support is not the same as end-of-life. However, it does mean that NetWare is a mature product that is ready to pass through the final stages of its natural software lifecycle.

NetWare is a remarkable product that has performed an invaluable role in all kinds of organizations for  25 years. We are proud of this product and the crucial role it has played in the history of computing. But now, it's time to take the next step.

The market has been moving away from specialized, proprietary operating systems for some time. Our customers demand flexibility and choice, and with fewer hardware and third-party software vendors investing in NetWare, it has become impossible to provide those choices on the NetWare platform.

To address this challenge, we've ported all the NetWare services you depend on to the Linux platform. This opens up a whole new universe of choices for you—without the headaches of learning a new platform. We've also developed programs and training to help you transition to the benefits of Open Enterprise Server quickly and most importantly, economically. We think these benefits—and the cost savings they provide—are simply too good to pass up.  Here's just a few of the things you can take advantage of:
  • Upgrade Advisor
    With this new premium support offering, customers can engage the services of a designated support expert to assist with upgrade-related issues for 90 days.

  • Fast Track: NetWare to Open Enterprise Server
    A cost-effective services bundle including the IT consulting, technical training and support expertise customers need to ensure a smooth and successful upgrade.

  • Free Training
    Customers can take advantage of a free OnDemand Training course entitled “Bridging NetWare Skills to Open Enterprise Server 2.”
Information on these and all other resources available to you through this campaign can be found at

When you upgrade to Open Enterprise Server, you get all the familiar NetWare services you've come to depend on. But you also tap into the full power and flexibility of Linux. And you gain unlimited access to new Novell-engineered innovations you simply won't find anywhere else. There has never been a better time to “Move IT” from NetWare to Novell Open Enterprise Server on Linux.