nrm.npm could not be added to Novell Plug-in modules for iManager 2.7.2

  • 7003078
  • 22-Apr-2009
  • 30-Apr-2012


Novell iManager 2.7
Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management - ZLM7.2
Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management - ZLM7.3


Trying to add nrm.npm from ZLM to iManager 2.7.2

ERROR: "The Plug-in could not be added to the list of available Novell Plug-in modulesas it is not compatible with this version of iManager."


  1. Download updated nrm.rpm from
  2. Log into iManager
  3. Click on the "Configure" icon
  4. Click on"Plug-in Installation"
  5. Click on "Available Novell Plug-in Modules"
  6. Click "Add", then click browse, and navigate to the file downloaded in step 1
  7. Click "OK"
  8. Locate nrm.npm in the list of Plug-in modules,and click the checkbox next to it
  9. Click "Install"
  10. After installation, restart the tomcat service