Code (-9185) Couldn't access SSO store definition during driver startup.

  • 7003022
  • 15-Apr-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Identity Manager 3.6


When attempting to start a newly installed driver you may see the following messages in an NDS or IDM trace.
This may occur after importing a new driver from Designer.

Message: Code(-9185) Error in : Couldn't access SSO store definition '\[root]\system\services\idm\driverset1\Library\lib-CredProv-NSSRepository'.

Driver: \TREE\novell\driverset\drivername
Channel: Subscriber

Status: Error
Message: Code(-9031) Global Configuration Value 'idv.credprov.nss.repository' not found: at line 126.


This issue is resolved by doing the following steps:
1. In iManager 2.7x, with the IDM 3.6 plugins installed, go to the Identity Manager Overview page by clicking on the Identity Manger Role | Identity Manger Overview.
2. Click on Libraries tab.
3. Click on the Library listed.
4. Click on the Credential Provisioning tab and the Repositories sub-tab.
5. For each of the repositories listed change the SecureLogin Administrator Password by clicking on the repository and selecting Set Password on the Configuration sub-tab.
6. Modify the Driver Set object and click on the Global Config Values sub-tab.
7. Make sure the SecureLogin Repository and the SecretStore Repository GCVs have realy objects.  You can browse to these objects using the hour glass.  The objects are usually in the Library container under the Driver Set.
8. Save and restart your driver.