Adding Gwise address space results in error ID no: c1030b35

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  • 14-Apr-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise Gateway - 7.x Gateway for MS Exchange
Novell GroupWise 8


Cannot add proper GroupWise (Gwise) address to Recipient Policy when installing the GroupWise gateway for Microsoft Exchange.

Manually adding a gwise address space to recipient policy results in error: ID NO:c1030b35


draft of my tid contains all Microsoft suggestions:

Need to modify this section

The customer gets the following error:


I found the following:

per SRX070706600231 XADM/PRO/E2K3--Unable to modify Gwise address and apply that recepient policy

or  SRX081028600940 XCON\PRE\E2K3\Groupwise Migration

or SRQ031111601261 031118 [EX2K|GROUPWISE|CLUSTER|RUS] Groupwise p

What I do know is that the gwproxy.dll is not what Exchange 2003 uses for address generation; it should be GWXPXGEN.dll.

This particular gwproxy.dll is installed from a 5.5 connector or from the Novell

Exchange connector.

You need to go into ADSIEDIT, look at

Configuration\Services\Exchange\Org\Addressing\Address types\GWISE:1386, then right

click for properties, select Both for view and select ProxyGeneratorDLL and change

it from gwproxy.dll to GWXPXGEN.dll. You may also want to go into all Exchange

servers\Address directory and remove the gwproxy.dll.

It is necessary to stop the System Attendant to delete the gwproxy.dll and you need

to reboot for the changes to take effect.

You should now be able to edit the gwise address in the default recipient policy, as well

as apply the recipient policy and stamp the users with gwise addresses. We now should be able to dirsync users from Exchange to groupwise.

per SOX041104700101 NOT LINKED - HowTo Set Exchange Proxy E-mail Address using ADSI - proxyAddresses

80070057 (CDO c1030b35) - An error occurred while processing an e-mail


' An invalid or null e-mail address was specified