How to fix GroupWise mailbox system folders.

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  • 14-Apr-2009
  • 18-Oct-2019


Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 6.5
GroupWise 2014
GroupWise 2014 R2
GroupWise 18


Sometimes you might run into a situation when one of the system folder in a GroupWise mailbox is missing (in most cases), any other "a look" irregularities compared to other mailbox, or possible problems within one or more system folder (unable to configure) whilst the other one works fine.

The POA may show the following error when user(s) login with the GroupWise client but WebAccess works fine:

Error D12A:  Name too long.


For those case you can try to fix such problems by using either standalone version of GWCheck or run the same check from ConsoleOne with following options (described here for a standalone version):

1. Database type -> Post Office
2. Database Path -> use a browse button to navigate in a location where is a wphost.db, the Post Office database
3. Post Office Name -> fill in a Post Office name.
4. Object type -> select User/Resource and type either a MailboxID or directly a user database file name.
5. Action -> leave default Analyze/Fix Databases.
6. Activate (only) Contents and Fix problems check boxes.
7. Database tab -> activate only the User option
8. Misc tab -> here type a string resfldr (or use alias string folderreset)
9. Run.

In a check log you will see extra lines, similar to following:

- checking Folder records
- Record 3 updated successfully
- Record 22 updated successfully
- Record 5 updated successfully
- Record 24 updated successfully
- Record 14 updated successfully
- Record 26 updated successfully
- Record 7 updated successfully
- Record 9 updated successfully
- Record 11 updated successfully