Error: "Problem Applying Changes" when modifying an existing authorization mapping

  • 7002970
  • 04-Apr-2012
  • 24-Apr-2012


Novell Access Gateway For Cloud


In Access Gateway for CLoud Policy Mapping UI, Administrator can click on the icon of an existing 
authorization mapping. When they do this, an edit dialog comes up. Making appropriate changes,
clicking ok, and then applying the changes causes the following error message to appear:

"Problem Applying Changes".

The error message "Problem Applying Changes" only happens when the Administrator modifies a
mapping that does not have the approval box checked. If the approval box is checked, no error
message appears.

Note: Message does not actually appear until Administrator clicks the "OK" button in the dialog
"Confirm Mapping Change" after the apply. However, the changes appear to be applied.


Cosmetic issue and can be ignored.