GroupWise Mailbox Restore fails on OES2-Linux Cluster

  • 7002879
  • 31-Mar-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7
Novell GroupWise 8
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)
Novell Cluster Services 1.8.4
Novell ConsoleOne 1.3.6


Attempting to restore users Mailbox from ConsoleOne or GroupWise client fails with 8217 or 8209 error.


If your POA is running on a Linux server and the restore area is on the same server then:

GroupWise 7
1. Set UNC path to \\dir1\dir2\restoredir\restorePOA (do not put in the Server Name or IPAddress)
2. Set Linux (optional) path to dir1/dir2/restoredir/restorePOA (do not precede the path with "/")

GroupWise 8
1. Set UNC path to \\dir1\dir2\restoredir\restorePOA (do not put in the Server Name or IPAddress)
2. Set Linux (optional) path to /dir1/dir2/restoredir/restorePOA (precede the path with "/")

Additional Information

/gw is the root most directory. This directory exists on all Cluster Nodes and contains a folder for each GroupWise Cluster Resource (MTA and POA)
/gw/poaX is the mount point for each Cluster Volume.
/gw/poaX/restore is the location of the restore point.
/gw/poaX/restore/poaX is the location of the restored POA.

The GroupWise Cluster is on OES2-Linux using Novell Cluster Services on ReiserFS. Since the POA runs on Linux it's important to understand the syntax Linux uses for its file systems.

The Linux path is used by default when using ConsoleOne to restore a users mailbox.
The UNC path is used when a user attempts to "Open Backup" from the GroupWise client.

This is apparent when checking the GroupWise logs and performing the two different mailbox restores processes. The paths are significantly different.

The ConsoleOne GroupWise snap-in (Linux and Windows) appears to apply a preceding forward-slash "/" to the path for the Linux path. A preceding forward-slash "/" should not be entered. The UNC path is converted correctly for Linux to recognize the file path but the path should be set so it violates UNC syntax. The first value should be the root-most directory, not a Server name, DNS name, or IP address.

UNC syntax is \\ServerDNSorIPAddress\volume\dir1\dir2

The POA doesn't need the Server Name or IP Address since it's running on the physical hardware where the files are located. Putting in a server name, DNS name, or IP address prevents the Linux POA from finding the correct path to the restore files. ConsoleOne expects a preceding double-backslash "\\" in the UNC path field.

Linux file system syntax is /dir1/dir2/dir3/file1

A preceding forward-slash "/" tells Linux to start at the beginning (root) of the hard drive or file system, it's the equivalent of C:\ in DOS\Windows. Putting a preceding forward-slash tells Linux how to explicitly locate a file or directory. When entering the Linux path in ConsoleOne one would normally use the following format "/gw/poaX/restore/poaX". However, the snap-in appears to write the path incorrectly to GroupWise when using the preceding forward-slash. Removing the preceding forward-slash works around this issue. In the case of GroupWise 8 the preceding forward-slash is now required.