Cannot Create NSS Snapshot On A LUN that Already Contains An NSS Partition

  • 7002834
  • 26-Mar-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)


Customer has a  500 GB LUN that shows one 450 GB nss partition, and 50 GB of available (unpartitioned) space.  He was able to use the available space to create a new pool.  But, even though the space shows up as available, when he attempted to use it to create a Snapshot in nssmu, the server displays an error that it could not find enough partition space to create it.


Allocate a new LUN, and initialize it in nssmu.  This device can then be used to create one or more Snapshots in nssmu.

Additional Information

In Linux, the evms DOS Segment Manager or NW Segment Manager handles all nss partitions (creating, deleting, etc.).  When it creates the first nss partition, all of the disk space is allocated in the Master Boot Record (MBR).  That disk space is available for other nss partitons, but there is no available disk space beyond what is already defined in the MBR.  Since the Snapshot partition type, is different (5 instead of 65), there is not enough space on the disk for a new partition that requires a new entry in the MBR.