EIP in CPFILTER.NLM at code start +000097FFh

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  • 25-Mar-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell BorderManager 3.9 Support Pack 2


After apply NBM39sp2 support pack to the the BorderManager server,  server will abend in cpfilter.nlm:

Abend 1 on P00: Server-5.70.07: Page Fault Processor Exception (Error code 00000000)

    CS = 0008 DS = 0023 ES = 0023 FS = 0023 GS = 0023 SS = 0010
    EAX = 00000000 EBX = 8887B1F4 ECX = 00000000 EDX = 78C9B080
    ESI = 78C9B080 EDI = 8887B1F0 EBP = 8887B130 ESP = 8887AEFC
    EIP = 9CF2A7FF FLAGS = 00010096
    9CF2A7FF 83780D00       CMP     [EAX+0D]=?, 00000000
    EIP in CPFILTER.NLM at code start +000097FFh
    Access Location: 0x0000000D

The violation occurred while processing the following instruction:
9CF2A7FF 83780D00       CMP     [EAX+0D], 00000000
9CF2A803 750C           JNZ     9CF2A811
9CF2A805 8D65F4         LEA     ESP, [EBP-0C]
9CF2A808 30C0           XOR     AL, AL
9CF2A80A 5F             POP     EDI
9CF2A80B 5E             POP     ESI
9CF2A80C 5B             POP     EBX
9CF2A80D 5D             POP     EBP
9CF2A80E C21400         RET     0014
9CF2A811 8B8DDCFDFFFF   MOV     ECX, [EBP-00000224]

Running process: Server 14 Process
Thread Owned by NLM: SERVER.NLM
Stack pointer: 8887BF7C
OS Stack limit: 88874040
Scheduling priority: 67371008
Wait state: 50500F0  Waiting for work
Stack: -00441904  (SERVER.NLM|systemConsoleScreenStructure+0)
       --00000000  (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
       --8887B05D  ?
       --00000000  (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
       --00000000  (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
       --00000000  (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
       002E3F9B  (SERVER.NLM|OutputToScreen+2B)
       --FE00D020  (LOADER.NLM|OSAllocMemory+D020)
       --8887B000  ?
       --00000001  (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+1)
       --00000007  (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+7)
       --00000001  (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+1)
       --8887AF30  ?
       --00000000  (LOADER.NLM|KernelAddressSpace+0)
       -0081B087  (ACLCHECK.NLM|(Data Start)+1087)


There is an internal aclcheck.nlm that solves this issue and it will speed up the process of reading the SurfControl rules.
Contact Novell support to get it

Additional Information

Fixed on aclcheck.nlm, version 4.91.04, dated 15-dec-2009, included on bm39sp2_ir1 patch