The 'nss /pools' command output has a display limitation with a maximum of 12 NSS pools

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  • 23-Mar-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell Open Enterprise Server (Linux based)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES 2)


When running NSS on a OES2 SP1 Linux server, the administrator has a variety of tools available, to view and or manage the NSS Pools and volumes on a server

For example tools such as:
- nssmu
- nsscon
- iManager
- etc

However, you are also able to check for any active pools, using the ' nss /pools ' command from within a console terminal. This will list all available NSS pools and volumes running on the server.

The tool that is responsible for this specific output is the '/opt/novell/nss/sbin/' file. We have found the tool currently has a limitation of displaying more than 12 NSS pools within a terminal.

You can easily verify this by setting up a number of NSS pools on your system, ranging from POOL_01 up to for example POOL_20, and when you would issue the ' nss /pools '  command, the output would look similar as below :

oes232-node111:~ # nss /pools
    Pool Name         State        Attributes       Logical Volumes
-----------------  -----------  -----------------  -------------------                  
POOL_01            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_01          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_02            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_02          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_03            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_03          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_04            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_04          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_05            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_05          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_06            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_06          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_07            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_07          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_08            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_08          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_09            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_09          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_10            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_10          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_11            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_11          
                                Multi use detect                   
POOL_12            ACTIVE       Multiple Volumes   VOL_12          
                                Multi use detect                   
oes232-node111:~ #

Verifying the same within any other available tools such as NSSMU, NSSCON, etc, you will see that all NSS pools are listed, accounted for, and fully functional. This is merely a 'cosmetic' issue, as the perl script is just not capable of displaying them properly.


The problem is resolved with an updated version of the file, which will be made available in a future update