How to Register your HP Device (Notebook, Desktop, Workstation) with SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED)

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  • 22-Mar-2009
  • 29-Jan-2014


SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11


HP devices purchased with SLED pre-installed are entitled to 90-days of updates. HP subscription care packs can also be purchased to extend the update period to 1 and 3 years with support from HP (see the end of this document for information on how to purchase HP extended 1yr and 3yr subscriptions through HP).


In order to receive updates, the machine must be registered with Novell's Customer Center. To register the computer, please use the following instructions:

  1. Click Computer | Control Center | System | YaST. Enter the root/administrator password when prompted.

  2. Click Software | Novell Customer Center Configuration. A screen similar to the following will appear:

NOTE: If you wish to add an HP license to a machine that was originally registered without using a license, simply check the “Registration Code” box.

  1. Click Next

       4. A screen similar to the following will appear. Click “Continue” to proceed with the registration

  1. Enter your e-mail address as requested. You can enter a system name/description that will be shown in the Novell Customer Center (, but this information is optional. After entering the information click Submit.

6. A screen similar to the following will appear:

  1. If you purchased an extended 1yr or 3yr SLED subscription from HP, you can enter it in the field titled “HP License Number”,or simply press Submit to continue. Pressing Submit without entering an HP License number will activate the machine to receive SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop updates for 90 days.

  2. The following screen will appear, simply click “Continue” to complete the process.

  1. It will take several minutes to download all of the installation source information and then the following screen will appear:

You can review the installation sources added by clicking “Details”. There should be 3 sources (ie one for nVidia, one for ATI, and one for Click “Ok” to continue.You will notice that there is now an orange globe in the “tool tray” (ie bottom right hand corner of the screen). You can now double click on that icon to bring up the currently available updates for your machine.

Purchasing an HP SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop License

1yr/3yr HP licenses can be purchased using the following links or by dialing 800-888-5858 and referencing the appropriate part number listed below:

Part # UM201E

HP 1 year Novell SLED Software Subscription Service

Part # UJ907E

HP 1 year Novell SLED Software Subscription with 9x5 Software Technical Support

Part # UJ908E

HP 3 year Novell SLED Software Subscription with 9x5 Software Technical Support

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