Is Citrix Winframe or Metaframe supported by GroupWise?

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  • 19-Mar-2009
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Is Citrix Winframe or Metaframe supported by GroupWise?


While the GroupWise Client is not a native Terminalserver Application, many Novell customers use Citrix to provide GroupWise clients to some of their remote users.  If you are running the GroupWise client on a Citrix server and experience problems,  you need to isolate if issues are coming from the GroupWise Client or if they are related to the Citrix environment, please do the following before calling Novell Support:

1.  Go to the Citrix server itself, and verify that nobody is using GroupWise over a terminal session.

2.  Launch the GroupWise client locally at the terminal of the Citrix server. 

3.  Try to duplicate the problem you were seeing on the local client. 

If the problem persists, then your problem is a GroupWise problem and Novell will support you.  If the problem does not occur when not using a terminal session, then the problem lies with your network environment and/or Citrix configuration.  GroupWise support does not extend to these problems. 

NOTE:  Novell does not recommend large numbers of users using GroupWise over a Citrix server simultaneously.  This is because Novell Support has seen instances where a session would lock files and cause another session to fail.  These problems fall outside the supported GroupWise configuration. 

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