Groupwise 7 SP3 client crashes when you add a user defined field in the personal address book

  • 7002650
  • 13-Feb-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 7 Support Pack 3


Under Windows XP and Windows 2003, when you add a "user defined field" in a personal address book, Frequent Contacts and then add a blank "user defined field" from the GroupWise Main Window, Contacts folder, The GroupWise Win32 client and the Address Book crash. And any subsequent attempt to restart the GroupWise client for the user results in another crash if the user clicks on the Address book button the Toolbar or clicks on New Mail on the Toolbar.


This problem has been fixed in at least the GroupWise 7 Service Pack 3 build of the GroupWise Windows client, dated 2-5-2008 or beyond.

Additional Information

Steps to Duplicate:

1. Have a functional GroupWise 7 SP3 system.
2. In Windows XP, with a new or existing user Start the GroupWise windows client.
3. From the Toolbar, click on Address Book button.
4. Drag a GroupWise a user from the Main Novell Address book to Frequent Contacts.
5. Hilite this GroupWise contact, right click, Details
6. Click on Advanced tab
7. Add a user defined filed, let's say called "hello" and give it a value of 123. Click OK, OK. Close Address Book. NOTE: If you attempt to create a user defined field with no name or value it gives you an error. Later we will see adding a user defined field elsewhere will not give the error. Inconsistant. But I digress.

8. From the Main Window of GroupWise, hilite the "Contacts" folder under Mailbox, Sent Items, Calendar. Right click on the contact that you created in Step # 4. Click on Details.

9. Click on the Advanted tab, Add, DO NOT ADD A NAME OR VALUE, leave it blank, then click on OK, then OK again. Notice there is no error like there was with STEP # 7. Inconsistant.

10. Exit GroupWise client.
11. Start GroupWise client as the same user as before

12. Click on the Address book button the the Toolbar and in about 15 to 30 seconds you will CRASH with the errors listed in GroupWise.rpt file and 3 other files I have attached to this defect if needed.

13. Any subsequent attempt to restart GroupWise and go to the Address book or attempt to click on NEW MAIL on the tool bar WILL CRASH THE CLIENT.