Application name changed to match URL when copied to container

  • 7002618
  • 13-Mar-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell SecureLogin
WebWizard Application
iManager 2.7
SecureLogin SSO plugin from NSL6.1 hot fix 12


Application name is changed to match the url after being copied using the distribution tab.
WebWizard type application definition is created on a user and copied to a container.   After the copy the name of the application is changed to be the URL for the web page.  Name: "MyWebApp" is changed to "" 

Problem only occurs with "WebWizard" type application definitions; "Advanced Web" type application definitions retain their original name when copied from user to container.


Update the SecureLogin SSO iManager Plugin.  The problem does not occur with the SecureLogin SSO Plugin that ships with NSL6.1HotFix 14 or later.  The HF 14 plugin shows in iManager as verion 6.1.20090311.