GroupWise 8 Document Management Integration with Microsoft Excel 2007 not Working After Install

  • 7002599
  • 09-Feb-2009
  • 26-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise 8
Microsoft Excel 2007


After the installation of the GroupWise 8.0 Client and choosing to install Document Management Integrations, the integrations with all supported Microsoft Office 2007 products work except for Microsoft Excel 2007.  


This has been reported to GroupWise Engineering.


1.  After the installation of the GroupWise 8 client, a file by the name of GWXL2007.XLA should exist in the C:\NOVELL\GROUPWISE directory.
2.  In Excel 2007, click on the circle button in the upper left hand corner that would normally provide the File | Open | Save menu.  In the bottom right side of the dialog, there will be a button for "Excel Option".  Select that button.
3.  In the "Excel Options" dialog, there will be a "Add-Ins" selection on the left.  Click to highlight that option.  At the bottom of the dialog box, there will be a "Manage" drop down menu where one of the options will be "Excel Add-Ins".  Select that and choose the "Go" button.
4.  In the "Add-Ins" dialog, choose the "Browse" button and navigate to the GWXL2007.xla file.  A "Gwxl2007" checkbox will be added to the list.  Make sure to check the box to enable the add-in.
5.  An "Add-Ins" tab should be available at the top to allow the user to Open and Save their document management docs.  The keystrokes Ctrl-S (Save) and Ctrl-O (Open) are available as well.


Reported to Engineering