Messages open minimized in GW 8 WebAccess and IE6.

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  • 06-Feb-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell GroupWise WebAccess 8
Windows 2000
Internet Explorer 6


When opening messages through WebAccess on IE6 the messages open in a minimized state and can only be read by maximizing the message.

Steps to Duplicate:

1. On Windows 2K with IE6 build 6.0.28001106  Open WebAccess 8.
2. Double click a message to open it.
3. Close the message then double click again to re-open it.
4. The message seems open but cannot be seen on the desktop.  This happens for every message that is opened.
5. Right click the message on the task bar and select Maximize.  The message will be visible and can be read.  If you click the restore button the message again disappears from view and seems to be minimized on the task bar.
6. On the browser, open Tools, Internet Option, then click Delete Cookies.  This will reset things so that one message can then be opened.  Once that message is closed the problem returns again.



Upgrade the browser to IE7 or user another browser.

When the messages is minimized on the task bar the option to “restore” is grayed out indicating the window is open some where but is not visible. If you right click then choose “move” then press one of the arrow keys when you move the mouse again the message can be positioned on the screen and viewed.

Another option is to select the Basic Interface at the log in screen.  This limits functionality but allows the messages to be easily read.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Some customers have seen the problem on XP workstations and on the following builds of IE6: