Remedy Integrator does not complete its Test from the server or create Remedy tickets properly.

  • 7002507
  • 13-Mar-2009
  • 10-Jun-2013


Novell Sentinel 6.1


When running the Sentinel Control Center (SCC) from the Sentinel Server and trying to use the Test button for the Remedy Integrator instance an exception is thrown.  When trying to use the Integrator to create tickets the same exception is thrown.  If the same Test button is used from a remote installation of the SCC the test completes successfully.


The permissions on the $ESEC_HOME/lib/axis2 directory may be incorrect preventing the Sentinel server from loading the Integrator properly.  On Linux and Unix this directory and its subordinate files and directories can be set to be user-owned by 'esecadm' (or whichever user is the operating system Sentinel users set in $ESEC_USER), group-owned by 'esec' (or whichever group is the aforementioned user's primary group, and then the permissions should be set to rwxr-xr-x or 755, depending on the notation preferred.  This allowed the $ESEC_USER to modify files and other data in the directory as well as the directory itself while letting other users on the system read the JAR files involved.

With the permissions set properly restart the Sentinel server and the service should be able to read the necessary JAR files to use the integrator properly.