NetWare CIFS options is not available under File Protocol in iManager

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  • 27-Jan-2009
  • 27-Apr-2012


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 7
Novell iManager 2.7.2


NetWare CIFS option is not available under File Protocol in iManager
"Storage Management" and "Storage Shared" plug-ins were already installed
Following message is displayed when logged into iManager "You are currently logged in to tree_name as user.context with Collection Owner Access" which indicates that Role Based Service is configured


Corrective Actions:
Install "Storage Content" plug-in module under Role Based Services configuration and Restart the Tomcat service.
Steps for Installing plug-in modules:
1. Login to iManager and click on Configure button in the Top navigation panel
2. Select Role Based Services | RBS Configuration
[the table on the 2.x Collections tabbed page displays any out-of-date or Not-installed modules.]
3. Click on the number under Not-installed.It will display all the not-installed modules.
Select the check box before "storage Content" module and click on install.Click on OK to continue insall the module.
4. Once installation is completed successfully logout and login again to iManager.
Now it will show "Netware CIFS" under File Protocol.